Hungary Enters Online Togel Singapore Casino Market



The CEO of Hungary’s state Togel Singapore gambling company, Gábor Székely, has announced a public bid for the acquisition of information technology equipment to enable the expansion of his company’s online gambling services.


The implementation of some of the games will take 18 months, due to lengthy legal procedures, he commented.


Szerencsejáték Zrt is the biggest provider of gambling services in Hungary and has sole rights to supply number draw games, sports bets and prize draw tickets throughout the country and also has interests in four Hungarian casinos.


At the end of last year the European Commission requested that Hungary open up its sportsbetting market to other EU member states in order to fulfil the EU’s key objective of free movement of goods and services.


German Parties Call for Abolishing State Monopolies on Sports Betting


Germany’s Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union have agreed to propose abolishing the country’s state monopoly on sports betting and to allow the lottery lotto market to continue unchanged under the terms of the 2004 State Treaty.


The Union said that the liberalisation of sports betting should also be accompanied by the levying of a special incentive tax, levied on the basis of the player’s place of abode and therefore assure the federal states a source of revenue from sports betting. “This will provide continued funding for mass sport, charities, culture and addiction prevention measures,” it said in a statement.


Video Gaming Don’t Provoke Violence


A new report on video game players’ habits and game effects has found that the vast majority of gamers reject the notion that video games encourage people to be violent in real life or that they have become desensitized to violent acts.


The paper, published by the British Board of Film Classification added that while there is an appeal associated with being able to inflict violent acts without fear of reprisal, gamers know that they are playing games and don’t misconstrue the act as real life.

David Cooke, director of the BBFC, said: “There is no question that video games are an important form of entertainment for an ever increasing number of people.


“This research provides some valuable insights into why people play video games and what effect they think playing has on themselves and friends,” he continued. “It has also highlighted parental attitudes to video games and online gaming. We hope that it will provide some food for thought for the industry, and everyone who has an interest in the impact of games and we will be taking the research outcomes into account as we review our games classification policies over the coming months.”


He concluded “As the technology improves the games will become more and more realistic and it is important that games are properly rated to protect younger players from the games with adult content, which the BBFC does.


Other findings included: The interactive nature of game playing means players are less likely to forget they are playing a game than they would be to forget they are watching a film or TV show.


Negative press coverage has an adverse effect, with titles portrayed negatively often proving highly popular, and people view game playing as a risk-free means of escapism and feel in control of game experiences as opposed to real life.


Why Ethereum Investors Should Look at Ripple and Crypto Gambling



It’s barely noon and already it’s been a big day for digital currency. Ethereum passed Bitcoin in trading volume — a move prompted by investor confidence in China.


Investors are on the edges of their seats. Big things are stirring, and this has many people clinging or adding to their original investments. But Ethereum’s growth actually marks a great time to diversify your digital currency assets.


As Ethereum skyrockets, more and more people are becoming aware of digital currency.


This means more investors are flooding the market. Novice investors are gaining experience, and with that experience comes a more diverse investing approach. Other currencies will soon benefit from Ethereum’s fame.


Today, there are dozens of promising digital currency opportunities that you can buy for less than a dollar. Some investors have chosen to invest through initial coin offerings (ICO). And though ICOs are often lucrative, they require you to take a bet on an unproven technology. This is why many investors have chosen to stay with the established digital currencies like Ripple, which you can still get for under $0.50.


What Is Ripple?

Ripple isn’t a newcomer to the digital currency market.


It was developed in 2012 by the CEO and CTB of OpenCoin, a venture capital-backed currency payment system. Most of the developers behind Ripple also worked with Bitcoin. This gives Ripple a unique edge against its peers, who often come from inexperienced development groups. Ripple hasn’t had a phenomenal week. Ethereum dethroned the currency from its spot as the second highest market cap. Then it plummeted alongside other digital currencies on Friday.


This isn’t surprising. Nor is it a reflection of Ripple’s underlying potential.


It just gives investors a chance to get in at a low price.


In yesterday’s Ethereum update, I talked about how Bitcoin influences other altcoins and Crypto Gambling. And how investors tend to sell or move between coins when certain currencies falter.


But investors shouldn’t move out of Ripple. Like Ethereum, Ripple has a unique function that gives it long-term potential. Remember, in the digital currency world, there are hundreds of potential winners.


It doesn’t have to be Ethereum or Bitcoin. So, it’s wise to pad your portfolio with dozens of promising technologies. And what makes Ripple promising is its fundamental tech: the Interledger Protocol.


The Interledger Protocol

Bitcoin is a currency exchange; Ethereum is a smart contract-capable network.


And Ripple is a channel that allows secure, fast currency exchanges.


Ripple relies on its Interledger Protocol to send money between individuals. Picture it like this: Both you and your friend share one password and are able to receive and send money through a channel opened by this password. This will fix many exchange problems, including sending and receiving money between banks and overseas. Ripple is the answer to a lengthy, headache-inducing process.


It’s also a win for corporations. Ripple has tremendous support from the financial community, mainly because it saves banks money. Currently, if a bank is using Ripple, it saves $3.76 per payment. That is a cumulative saving of $564,000 a year.


Let’s be honest — most progress in this world happens because of greed.


We are just lucky that in Ripple’s case, corporate greed will help create a more secure channel of exchange for individuals. And Ripple’s potential doesn’t end in finance. Once the channel is constructed, Ripple can ferry any kind of information between two individuals. That is incredibly valuable in our increasingly security-sensitive world.


Perhaps this is why Ripple has managed to drum up $55 million in venture capital and become the darling of tech giant Google.


Ripple is still under $1, which gives investors who missed Bitcoin and Ethereum in their foundational stages a second chance.


But no one expects it to stay at $1 for long.


We are in the thick of a digital currency gold rush, and promising currencies like Ripple are going to receive more investors in the coming months. Currently, Coinbase doesn’t allow users to buy Ripple. You would have to go to Kraken or Poloniex and buy Ripple with Bitcoin funds. This has stalled the currency’s growth. But just imagine what will happen when this process is less complicated.


As Ethereum grows, begin to diversify and pad your digital currency portfolio. Remember that Ethereum will continue to surge and retreat and that moving among currencies won’t protect profits.


Invest wisely by basing your decisions on technology, not trends.


And if you are investing in tech, investing in Ripple is a no-brainer.


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Winning tips for Online Pengeluaran HK rooms



This article is about how to become a smart Bingo player. You may have read many tips on Bingo gambling, but I want to make sure you have figured out a gold rule. Online gambling is fun as well as dangerous; therefore you should always be well informed and know how many beans make five.


Bingo is a game in which you don’t have to rack your brain like in Poker. You’re given a chance to combine business with pleasure and that’s where all fun comes from. Remember that you can hardly think of any winning tips for Bingo since it’s a game of chance and luck.


Moreover, you’re advised to have as many cards as suitable for you. Choose an amount that you can comfortably eye without hurrying or getting nervous. So don’t go too far with cards amount.


Also look for sites offering deposit bonuses but before accepting them, read all terms carefully. Deposit bonuses are always favored by players as your winning odds improve automatically.


There are online bingo sites with chat rooms and you may like them. Corresponding with other players has its advantages as you may receive a winning tip or at least you’ll enjoy talking to people from all over the world sharing your gambling experience.


Choose the best plastic card for online Pengeluaran HK gambling.


There are many things needed to play in online casinos. The first and foremost is a personal computer and internet access. Good online casinos can be played at with a simple computer and not the rapidest internet connection. Then, in order to make payments and get them you will need a plastic card. A plastic card is a common payment method among internet casinos, though there are other deposit options.


Players usually face a problem when choosing a plastic card. Basically, there are two types of plastic card that have different options. There are credit cards and debit cards. Credit cards give you a chance to use money available on your card and some extra money that is given to you by bank. At the end of the month you’ll have to pay the money back. As for a debit card, it permits you to use money that is only available on your plastic card.


Going further, each plastic card has its name. You can find Visa, American Express, MasterCard and others. Visa has its variations: Electron, Classic and Gold. Each of them lets you use any currency you’re convenient with.


I’ll recommend choosing Visa Classic as


  1. It’s accepted by almost all online casinos, while MasterCard is not.


  1. Visa Electron isn’t popular amo ng online casinos


  1. Visa Gold is expensive with its monthly service.



Agen Bola – Era Baru Chelsea PKV Poker Bersama Frank Lampard



Chelsea memasuki era baru setelah menunjuk Frank Lampard sebagai manajernya. Pria berusia 41 tahun itu diharapkan membawa perubahan pada The Blues.


Chelsea resmi menunjuk Lampard sebagai manajer anyarnya untuk tiga musim ke depan. Mantan pemainnya itu dipercaya menggantikan Maurizio Sarri, yang musim lalu memberi trofi Liga Europa namun memutuskan hengkang ke Juventus.


Agen Bola – Era Baru Chelsea Bersama Frank Lampard


Agen Sabung Ayam – Penunjukkan Lampard langung menimbulkan pertanyaan. Kapabilitasnya dinilai masih kurang untuk melatih Chelsea, yang notabenenya salah satu tim elite di Inggris, bahkan Eropa, dan selalu membawa segudang ambisi.


Lampard baru melatih setahun terakhir, dengan Derby County menjadi klub pertama yang ia tangani. Hasilnya, Ia hanya mampu membawa The Rams nyaris ke promosi ke Premier League.


Selain itu, Lampard menjadi manajer lokal pertama yang direkrut Chelsea di era kepemilikan Roman Abramovich. Biasanya, taipan asal Rusia itu memilih nama-nama beken seperti Jose Mourinho hingga Antonio Conte untuk dijadikan manajer.


Pemilihan itu tak lepas dari sikap Abramovich yang menginginkan sukses instan untuk Chelsea. Itulah sebabnya, manajer-manajer sebelumnya tak pernah bertahan lebih dari tiga musim di Stamford Bridge.


Maka penunjukkan Lampard, meski kemampuannya banyak diragukan, bisa diartikan lain. Chelsea sedang berusaha menuju era barunya di bawah kepemilikan Abramovich.


Ada beberapa alasan. Pertama, Lampard ditunjuk PKV Poker Chelsea di tengah situasi klub yang sulit. Setelah terkena larangan transfer, Si Biru juga ditinggal bintang utamanya yakni Eden Hazard.


Alih-alih mencari manajer top untuk menyelamatkan nasibnya, Chelsea justru memilih Lampard. Klub asal London itu tampak ingin membuat terobosan dengan mencoba alternatif lain.


Lampard juga sudah kenal betul dengan Chelsea. Ia merupakan legenda klub yang bermain sejak 2001 hingga 2014. Puluhan trofi pun ia persembahkan, mulai dari trofi Premier League hingga Liga Champions. Dan jangan lupa, Lampard merupakan topskorer Chelsea sepanjang masa dengan catatan 211 gol selama berseragam biru London.


Selain itu, Lampard juga terbukti bisa memaksimalkan pemain-pemain muda Chelsea. Itu terbukti ketika Lampard bisa meroketkan Mason Mount dan Fikayo Tomori, jebolan akademi Chelsea yang dipinjamkan ke Derby County musim lalu.


Dengan sanksi larangan transfer, Lampard diharapkan bisa memaksimalkan Chelsea dengan puluhan pemain mudanya. Maka dari itu, langkah Chelsea ini menarik untuk dinanti.


“Saya pikir ini adalah periode paling mengesankan di era Roman Abramovich. Mereka punya legenda klub sebagai manajer dan akan bekerja keras dengan apa yang mereka miliki,” tulis Jamie Redknapp, eks pemain Timnas Inggris yang juga sepupu Lampard, dalam kolomnya di Daily Mail.





Un bon bonus de poker est très important pour un nouveau joueur qui cherche à augmenter son capital. En obtenant un bon bonus de poker lors de votre inscription à une nouvelle salle de poker en ligne, vous démarrerez avec un avantage certain, dans la mesure où vous aurez plus d’argent avec lequel jouer au poker. Ne manquez pas l’opportunité d’obtenir un bon bonus. Les meilleurs bonus de poker vous attendent dans une des salles que nous recommandons ci-dessous.


Comment puis-je obtenir le meilleur bonus de poker?


Toutes les salles en ligne proposent un bonus aux nouveaux joueurs, mais certaines sont plus généreuses que d’autres. Si vous souhaitez savoir comment obtenir le meilleur bonus de poker possible, vous découvrirez que nous proposons de meilleurs bonus aux nouveaux joueurs qui utilisent nos codes de bonus comparés aux bonus obtenus par les joueurs qui s’inscrivent directement via la salle de poker. Nos bonus Joka Casino sont plus importants car nous négocions directement avec les sites que nous soutenons, et c’est pourquoi nous pouvons vous offrir les bonus les plus hauts possibles des meilleures salles de poker. Suivez le lien vers les salles  situé sur notre site et vous obtiendrez systématiquement le meilleur bonus de poker disponible.


Qu’est ce qu’un bonus de dépôt?


Le bonus de dépôt d’une salle de poker en ligne est celui offert par le site pour inciter les nouveaux joueurs à s’inscrire et c’est un bon moyen d’obtenir de l’argent supplémentaire sur votre compte de joueur. Les bonus de dépôt se présentent généralement sous forme de XXX% jusqu’à XXX$/E. Le taux de pourcentage correspond une partie de votre dépôt. Le montant de dollar/euro est le bonus maximum que la salle de poker vous donnera. Par exemple 100% jusqu’à 100$ vous donnera 100% de votre dépôt en retour, jusqu’à 100$. Pour obtenir le potentiel maximum de ce bonus, il faut déposer 100$, qui permettent de jouer avec 200$. Autrement, un dépôt de 20$ ne vous permettra de jouer qu’avec 40$.


Variantes de bonus de poker


Vous allez rencontrer différentes variantes de bonus de poker. Le plus classique est le bonus décrit ci-dessus. Un autre est le bonus multi-dépôt qui se propage après deux dépôts ou plus. Ces bonus peuvent vous procurer jusqu’à 1000$ supplémentaires de bonus cash. Un bonus de dépôt moins commun n’exige aucun dépôt minimal mais impose un plafond du montant de bonus que vous pouvez gagner. Ce bonus exige simplement que vous jouiez au poker pour l’obtenir. Vous pouvez déposer 10$ et malgré cela obtenir le bonus maximum de 500$, tant que vous gagnez suffisamment de points en jouant de l’argent réel.


Tips on playing online Togel Hongkong Slot machines



Lots of gamblers look for advice on playing online slot machines. Although the game is quite simple there are a few things you should be aware of. For example if you’re to choose a 3 wheel machine and a 5 wheel machines your choice would better be the first variant. A player has much more chances to win at the 3 wheel slot machines and it’s not less fun to play on them. Basically, slots can easily be one of your online gambling incomes.


Generally speaking, there are no particular strategies to win at slots. It’s definitely a game of luck. However, if you’re a newcomer it’ll be good for you to practice playing free online slot machines. After having a clear image of what the game is like you can switch to playing slot for money.


Such free slot machines can be easily found on the Internet. There are lots of online casinos offering free gaming. You might also like service of some casino you’ll gamble at for free and afterwards become its permanent client. There are those casinos that do not make first deposits too high or even offer some bonus. Winning at slots if always possible and the money you’ll win can be rather good. One can be lucky to hit a jackpot.


Slot machines are easy and fun to play. People play them at work and at home. It’s no wonder that most beginners at online casinos head exactly for slot machines, because Togel Hongkong slots do not require specific knowledge and strategies.


How to enhance your winning odds at Craps


If you are planning to beat the house most of the times, it is likely to be impossible. Although you can beat it from time to time, don’t hope to win in every other time. There is not exact strategy that will enhance your winning odds, but one can always make fewer losses using certain tricks. As a result the game will be more enjoyable and favorable for players.


Online craps can be described as a rather complicated game with a great many bets possible. That’s why in order to get down to gaming a player has to get some information on the very basics of the game (it includes perfect knowledge of the rules).


The most significant bets at casino craps are the pass line and the don’t pass line bets. In case of having one bet as a winning, the other one loses. According to the rules there are two more bets that have lower house edge, which makes your winning chances higher. They are: 1. The come bet; 2. The big 6 and big 8 bet.


There are some essentials you should never forget about while gaming. First of all, don’t be too quick to increase your bet when you seem to lose. Craps is a game of luck; so don’t make your situation worse and quit the game.


Perhaps you will be lucky to win a fortune and buy an expensive car. All I can say is give it a try. Play for fun, win money, get some experience and don’t regret. Anyway, if you’re not lucky today you’ll be lucky tomorrow.…

All Slots Mobile Casino Continues to Innovate



As one of the world’s largest online casinos, All Slots Casino continues to dominate the global online gaming market. Yet their latest innovation can only mean that they will continue to expand their network. Already a leader in the field of mobile gaming, All Slots has just announced a new application that will enable users of Apple products such as the iPhone and iPod Touch to play All Slots suite of online, real-cash games.


iPhones are a Natural for Mobile Casinos

It was only a question of time before one of the online casinos was able to adapt its games to the unique characteristics of the i-Phone. With millions of units already in circulation, the iPhone is dominating the cell phone market. That’s because it is more than a cell phone. The iPhone represents the latest in technology that combines telephone, internet, mp3, mp4, and a personal organizer. It would seem that the only thing missing from this marvelous device is a suite of casino games. Now that void is being filled.


All Slots Teams with Spin3

The breakthrough came when All Slots Casino  teamed with Spin3 to produce the new iPhone application. Spin3 already is one of the leading providers of advanced mobile gambling programs. They focus on games powered by Microgaming, the world’s largest online gaming software provider. Perhaps their best known product is the ubiquitous GameWire mobile casino system. GameWire can support over 1,200 different mobile casino games. This is the technology that All Slots will be using to provide its games to i-Phone users.


All Slots Games in the UK and France

One of the main markets for the new games will be in the United Kingdom and France. The initial launch will feature some of the most popular mobile casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and the well known Tomb Raider slot game. Users will be able to choose either English or French versions of the award winning, graphic-rich games.


New iPhone Mobile Casino called “Huge Advantage Over Competition”

David Brickman, All Slots Casino’s Vice President of Player Affairs, has noted that the new game applications are the result of customer demand. Existing All Slots players who are now using iPhones have been seeking a mobile casino application. The Spin3 technology will enable a huge percentage of the European market to play their favorite casino games on their iPhones. Brickman said he was proud that it was All Slots casino to be the first with this new innovation which would continue the mobile casino’s string of recent successes.


iPhone Perfect for All Slots Mobile Casino Application

The combination of top notch technology with All Slots expertise in mobile casino marketing is just perfect for the iPhone. The iPhone is one of the most feature rich consumer devices to come to market and is a perfect platform for casino games. Now, users can play their favorite games wherever and whenever they want. All the time with the opportunity to win real cash.…

Stop! Tell Me Why You’re Betting on casino en ligne



Stop! Tell Me Why You\’re Betting.Why do you bet? Look, I’m not trying to put you on the spot or make you feel uncomfortable. I really want to know. Sometimes we get in the habit of playing poker automatically, without really examining our motives for betting. I’ve done this myself.


But it can sometimes be dangerous to bet for no particular reason, just out of routine. When poker grows automatic, when we’ve played too many hours and each hour seems like the last, that’s the time to ask today’s compelling question.


Yes, my friends, next time you feel your fingers reaching for your chips without your permission, stop before you extend that arm and drop perfectly good money into the pot. Ask yourself, “Why am I betting?” It’s a simple question, isn’t it?


Seven good reasons to bet. Your answer to that question should be one of the following:



1.I want my opponent to call so I can win more money.

2.I’m hoping I can win the pot right now.

3.It would be to my advantage to drive at least some of my opponents out of the pot.

4.My opponent probably needs to improve, and I want him to pay for the privilege.

5.By betting right now, I will gain an advantage on later betting rounds.

6.This bet will help me establish a psychological image that will help me win more money in the future.

7.I’m better off betting than checking and calling.


That’s a very carefully thought out list. Sure, you can add to it, but almost anything you might add will either fit into one of my seven categories or it isn’t important.


Art dared to disrespect the Mad Genius.

I once showed this list to Art, an expert player from northern Nevada. And the bastard scoffed. I mean, how rude could he be? Can you imagine another player scoffing at the Mad Genius What nerve! And then he tapped me on the shoulder in a fatherly and annoying way.


“Mike,” he said, “you’re forgetting the best reason of all to bet.”


“What’s that?” I wanted to know.


“You’re forgetting that a lot of times you bet because you have the best hand!”


Well, I stared this guy down, man to man, gunslinger to gunslinger. “Art,” I challenged, “you’re wrong! Having the best hand isn’t a reason to bet a hand. It’s an observation about a hand.”


And, guess what? That turns out to be a critical point about poker. The strength of your hand is never a cause of action. It is only one factor in evaluating what action to take. Ultimately, all poker decisions – calling, betting, bluffing, raising, sandbagging, checking, passing – must be based on the premise that you have something to gain. Gaining should be the cause of action.


You might hold the best hand and choose not to bet because you’ll make more money by checking and raising, or by checking and calling, or setting up a future-betting-round trap.


What’s to gain?

If you throw a hand away, what do you have to gain? Simple. You gain the money you did not lose. Think about it. If a hand is unprofitable, that means it will cost you money to play it. Let’s say it would cost you $15, on average. Fine. Let’s also say you have $5,000 in your bankroll right now. If you play that hand, your bankroll is only theoretically worth $4,985. But if you throw the hand away and get up right now, you’ll have a full $5,000. The difference is $15, and you gain it by passing.


Every poker action – unless the situation is exactly break-even – should be designed to gain something. So, we can expand today’s question and ask, anytime we do anything in poker, “What am I gaining by doing this?” If you can’t answer that question, don’t take that action on casino en ligne.


Looking at today’s seven reasons to bet, a few of them need clarification. Number three, in particular, can be a dangerous betting motive if not used by a very experienced player. That’s because chasing players out of pots is easier said than done. Still more difficult is calculating whether you really are better off limiting the field. My research suggests that – unless this action is likely to let you win the pot without a showdown by eliminating everyone at some point – you should often let all opponents stay in. Not always, but often. So, this particular reason for betting can be ignored (unless you’re a very knowledgeable player) without significantly changing your prospects of winning.


Similarly, numbers five and six are difficult to grasp. These primarily psychological weapons are best used by experts.


The number seven reason to bet is: It’s better to bet than to check and call. This is usually an important reason to bet only if (1) your opponent isn’t a heavy bluffer (which would give you an advantage to check and call), (2) you’re fairly certain your opponent will call with a weak hand, and (3) your opponent will bet into you, forcing you to call, if he has you beat. If these conditions prevail, checking a fairly strong hand is terrible.



Winning Texas Hold’em Strategies for Dominoqq

Although there is certainly a luck element associated with Poker, Poker is still largely a game of probability, and its most popular derivative, Texas Hold’em, is no exception to this rule. Many players of this game fail to maximize their gains and winning percentages, by failing to adhere to some extremely basic principles. By following these basic strategies, you will be able to enhance your ability to succeed in Texas Hold’em:


Fold on Poor Starting Hands – This is such an important rule. If you do not have a decent pocket hand (first two cards dealt to you), then always fold. A propensity to play bet and play on after receiving a poor pocket hand, is certainly a recipe for disaster, and a way to lose your money.

Typically, you should only be playing the top 25 (or so) of the top hands. These top hands are: A-A, K-K, A-K suited, Q-Q, A-K unsuited, A-Q suited, J-J, 10-10, A-Q unsuited, A-J suited, 9-9, K-Q suited, 8-8, A-10 suited, A-J unsuited, K-J suited, Q-J suited, A-8 suited, K-10 suited, A-9 suited, J-10 suited, Q-10 suited, K-Q unsuited, 10-9 suited, and A-10 unsuited.


Flop must be Worthy – The flop (next 3 cards) must be beneficial to your hand. If it is, then play on based on how strong your hand is; if not, then fold if another player bets.


Drawing Hand must be established by the Flop – If you are playing a drawing hand (e.g., a straight or a flush), then make sure that you have at least four of the five cards needed by the Flop, or you should fold, unless you have an alternatively strong hand.


Moving beyond the Flop with a non-drawing Hand – If you are not on a drawing hand by the Flop, you should only continue beyond the Flop, if you have a high-ranking pair with a big kicker, or a poker pair that is of higher rank than any card showing on the Flop (this is known as an “overpair” to the Flop). Additionally, if the Flop contains three cards of a particular suit (and you do not hold any pocket cards with that suit) or if the Flop contains three consecutive ranking cards (that do not fit in with your potential for a straight), that is also a good time to fold, as the odds of one of your competing players getting a flush or straight exists.


Estimate Potential Damage – After the Flop, estimate what the highest possible hand an opponent may have, and what the likelihood of your opponent getting such a hand might be. Use this as a gauge when deciding to play on or fold.


Press Hard with Great Hand – When you know that you have a great hand (and possibly have the best hand), push your opponents to the limit (in No Limit Hold’em this might mean going All In). In this scenario, press your opponents hard, and do not drag the game out, letting your opponents get extra cards, which could allow them to come back in the game.


Fold When your are Losing – Always fold your hand when you know you are beaten, and do not hang around in the game, betting frivolously. The premise here is to always minimize your losses. Never call a bet, just to verify what cards your opponent had in a hand. The possible exception might be in No Limit Hold’em, when there is certainly a larger degree of bluffing that occurs. In this scenario, make sure that you do not throw away a decent hand superfluously, especially if you are familiar with the bluffing tendencies of some of your opponents.


Be Cognizant of your Seating Position – Always take your seating position into account when you are deciding to play on or fold in a given hand. As an example, if you had a pair of pocket 2’s in the first position of the table, that would be an excellent reason to fold, pre-flop. However, if you had the same pair of 2’s in the last position or in the Small Blind, and no other player raised prior to you (pre-flop), if there are a good number of players in the pot ahead of you, you may want to continue on with a pair of 2’s, and see how the Flop looks, due to pot odds.


Pot Odds need to be greater than Actual Odds – You need to be able to discern between these two types of odds. “Actual Odds”, as the name implies, are the precise mathematical chance of an event occurring. “Pot odds”, on the other hand, is the ratio of money in the pot in relation to the amount that are being asked to bet, in relationship to the actual odds of an event occurring which would give you that pot. The relationship between the two, is most easily explained, via an example. Let’s assume that your pocket hand is (8, 9), and the flop is (J, Q, 8) – in other words, you need a 10 to complete a straight. The odds of you getting that “10″ on either the Turn or the River, is approximately 5-to-1. Depending on the amount of money in the pot, in a scenario where you and only one other player are remaining, the pot odds of you winning would be 1-to-1, which is clearly inferior to your actual odds – in this scenario, you should fold. However, in the same cards scenario, if there are 7 players remaining in the hand, your pot odds would be approximately 6-to-1, which are better than your actual odds — hence, in this case, you should remain in the game and play on. In this latter case, your pot odds exceeded your actual odds, so it would behoove you to remain in the game.


Douglas Hayman, President of Expert Dominoqq Software Systems, is a poker expert, who has developed several entertaining and information poker websites, which include:


Poker Sites – A massive poker informational website that contains a diversity of poker information, including detailed poker rules, hand rankings, free Poker calculators, poker bluffing strategies, power poker tips, a live poker news feed, and many other outstanding features.


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Agen Bola Indonesia Adalah Situs Judi Bandar Bola Online Indonesia Terpercaya yang memiliki artikel, panduan dan tips menarik untuk taruhan para pemain judi. Kami merupakan Agen Resmi Bola Terpercaya, Bandar Bola Online yang sudah berjalan sejak tahun 2012 dan juga menghadirkan produk judi online unggulan ternama seperti :


agen bola indonesiaSbobet



Live Casino Sbobet qiu qiu online



Casino Oriental Club




Agen Bola kami merupakan agen resmi untuk produk-produk diatas sehingga mempunyai komitmen untuk memberikan pelayanan dan kepuasan terhadap member-member kami untuk pembuatan ID atau akun (account) sehingga bisa langsung melakukan taruhan tanpa adanya hambatan.


Segeralah mendaftarkan diri di situs judi kami secara gratis hanya dengan mengisi formulir pendaftaran dengan data yang benar dan lengkap. Kami menyediakan layanan 24 jam setiap hari khusus untuk Anda jika Anda ingin melakukan deposit, withdraw ataupun hanya sekedar ingin bertanya.


Kami juga menyediakan BONUS setiap kali Anda melakukan deposit sehingga Anda dapat melakukan lebih banyak taruhan. Cobalah keberuntungan Anda dengan bermain di agen kami. Terima Kasih dan kami menunggu bergabungnya Anda bersama situs judi online kami!