BBC QQWIN99 “Tell” Test


The BBC Science website has an interesting test that I invite you to take and report back your results. The test lets you look at 20 faces and activate a micro-video of them smiling. The whole test takes less than ten minutes. Your task, should you choose to accept it, will be to decipher if the smile is genuine or fake.

I will suggest that such abilities away from the QQWIN99 table is, in fact, a good measure of your skill in picking up tells at the table. You see many poker players believe that tells are indicators of whether or not a person has a weak or a strong hand. Wrong!

Tells are signs of a persons emotions and their reactive behavior to stress and anxiety. The change in their pulse or forehead or mouth takes place much faster than the brain processes: “That two of clubs made my flush.”

So my point is that practicing and perfecting your reading skills is something that can be and should be done away from the poker table. If you can catch the fake smile or the nervous twitch of the eyebrow; it really doesn’t matter if the person is bluffing with 72o or telling you how much they like your new shoes. The physical tells are the same and reading them correctly is your task.

Let us know how you did on the BBC test. My group of ‘Poker Buddies’ averaged only 12 out of 20; I need to play more poker with them!

European Player of the Year

Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott is the 2007 CardPlayer European Player of the Year after his third-place finish in the World Poker Tour Doyle Brunson Classic on Dec. 17, 2007 moved the notorious Englishman to the top of the leader board with 3,446 points.

Ulliott’s late surge saw him overtake Chris Bjorin, who had dominated the rankings for much of the year after an impressive World Series of Poker run which saw him make three final tables. Ulliott had his most successful year in tournament poker ever in 2007, winning $1.2 million dollars and making five major final tables.

Norway’s Annette Obrestad came third in the rankings after winning the World Series of Poker Europe main event in London and taking second in the European Poker Tour Dublin. Russian Alexander Kravchenko, who won a bracelet at the 2007 WSOP and made the final table of the WSOP main event, finished fourth.