Jason Mercier Wins 2010 togel hongkong Event #42!

With over 60 events in the 2010 World Championship of Online Poker it can be hard for a tournament to stand out. A great way to garner a lot of attention is to have an event with a huge prize pool and great professionals making the final table. The two-day $1,050 buy-in Event #42 had a whole lot of both as it came to an end early Tuesday morning. With more than 3,100 participants including a large amount of togel hongkong sponsored professionals Event #42 was a railbird’s dream. The $3,122,000 prize pool was one of the biggest of the entire 2010 WCOOP and the $491,715 first-place prize will go down as one of the biggest scores of the year. PokerStars was well represented late in the tournament as a handful of their own professionals made deep runs. Two professionals, Jason Mercier and Chad Brown, both made the final table but had drastically different experiences there. Other notable PokerStars pros in the money included Barry “barryg1″ Greenstein, Steve “sevejpa” Paul-Ambrose, and Humberto Brenes who all finished inside the togel hongkong top-200.
Once the final table was formed it was hard to list a favorite. With so many great players on hand and with deep stacks it was going to be a while before a winner was crowned. The final table chip-leader was “loooser17″ who held more than 9,500,000 chips at just 40,000/80,000 blinds. He was followed closely by the man on his left, Jason “APerfectGent” Schwartz. Other players to keep an eye on at the final table were Chad Brown, Jason Mercier, and Dani “supernova9″ Stern who became famous for his participation in the G4 TV Show “2 Months 2 Million”.
Seat 1: osten (1,396,140 in chips)
Seat 2: TeamWispy (6,395,189 in chips)
Seat 3: bastet2004 (4,038,808 in chips)
Seat 4: supernova9 (3,947,328 in chips)
Seat 5: JasonMercier (4,487,801 in chips)
Seat 6: DHUSTLER15 (6,414,317 in chips)
Seat 7: ChadBrownPRO (2,377,371 in chips)
Seat 8: loooser17 (9,563,571 in chips)
Seat 9: APerfectGent (8,209,475 in chips)
With so many great players at the final table it was only a matter of time until a famous professional or two bit the dust. First to go was Chad Brown who took home just $26,537 for his efforts. Brown has made a name for himself in live poker tournaments where he has made a large amount of television appearances in WPT and WSOP events. While he has yet to ship a WSOP bracelet he does have a handful of six-figure scores to his name including a 2nd place finish in the 2007 WSOP 2-7 Championship for $324,777. Stern, while not as accomplished on the live scene, is one of the best high-stakes cash game players online today. His appearance, along with Jay “KRANTZ” Rosenkrantz, Brian “flawless_victory” Roberts, and Emil “whitelime” Patel, drew rave reviews from the online poker community. While the players were ultimately unsuccessful in earning $2,000,000 over two months they did give a great insight into the poker scene in Las Vegas and what it takes to be a high-stakes cash game player. While Stern might consider himself more of a cash game professional he has had quite a large amount of success in tournaments where he has nearly $700,000 in scores on PokerStars alone.
The final table eventually worked down to a final three – a solid trio of players including looser17, “osten”, and PokerStars pro Jason Mercier. Even with two other high-stakes professionals competing against him Mercier had to be considered a favorite when three-handed play began. One of the best tournament professionals in the world, Mercier has won millions of dollars the past few years in Championship events. His biggest score came in the EPT Sanremo Championship where he earned $1,372,893 for his victory in April 2008. Earlier this year he won the $25,000 NAPT Shoot-Out for $475,000. He also has a WSOP bracelet to his name which came last year in the $1,500 PLO event which netted him $237,462. Mercier has also made several appearances in televised cash games including the PokerStars.net “Big Game” and GSN’s “High Stakes Poker”. Despite his live success he had still not seen a lot of success online. That all changed rather quickly yesterday when he accepted a deal worth at least $375,000 at the final table.
With all three players deciding to chop a bit of the air was let out of the final table’s tires but there was still $60,000 up for grabs in a winner-take-all format. Heads-up eventually came down to Mercier and osten who battled it out for a while before playing an interesting final hand. With just top-pair no kicker osten decided to get three bets in on the flop and then check-raise the turn all-in against Mercier. Unfortunately for him that decision was quite costly as Mercier had three of a kind and easily took down the final hand and more than $435,000.
Seat 1: osten (11898139 in chips)
Seat 5: JasonMercier (34931861 in chips)
JasonMercier: posts small blind 125000
osten: posts big blind 250000
*** HOLE CARDS ***
JasonMercier: raises 250097 to 500097
osten: calls 250097
*** FLOP *** [4c 4h 6s]
osten: checks
JasonMercier: bets 428273
osten: raises 821727 to 1250000
JasonMercier: raises 1332373 to 2582373
osten: calls 1332373
*** TURN *** [4c 4h 6s] [Jh]
osten: checks
JasonMercier: bets 2728322
osten: raises 6056097 to 8784419 and is all-in
JasonMercier: calls 6056097
*** RIVER *** [4c 4h 6s Jh] [7h]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
osten: shows [7d 6d] (two pair, Sevens and Sixes)
JasonMercier: shows [5d 4d] (three of a kind, Fours)
JasonMercier collected 23796278 from pot
Congratulations goes to Mercier and all 396 players who made the money in the 2010 World Championship of Online Poker’s Event #42!
PokerStars WCOOP Event 42 $3M Guaranteed
3,122 Entrants; $3,122,000 prize pool
*3-way chop
1. JasonMercier $435,862
2. osten $317,435
3. loooser17 $367,500
4. DHUSTLER15 $179,515
5. APerfectGEnt $135,807
6. TeamWispy $104,587
7. bastet2004 $73,367
8. supernova9 $42,209
9. ChadBrownPRO $26,537…

Over $80,000,000 Won: Huge Win at New Jackpot Madness Casino Pushes Total Progressive Payouts to New Record

Curacao, November 25, 2002 – Jackpot Madness, the world’s #1 cash jackpot destination, has exceeded $80,000,000 in total payouts in only 28 months. The landmark win that pushed the cash payout total to OVER eighty million dollars was Andrew T’s HUGE $166,280.72 jackpot on Cyberstud Poker at the new 32Red Casino on November 11th, 2002.

Andrew’s win was an early birthday present as he turned 45 a few days after his win. “It was amazing because I’d only played eight hands before I won,” said Andrew. “I knew I’d hit the jackpot but had no idea how much that was until I clicked on the screen.”

Andrew, who says he has gambled occasionally in the past, but only recently tried his hand at online gaming, has a clear plan about what he is going to do with the money. “I’m going to settle my debts and open a pub/club.”

Jackpot Madness progressives are the only online progressive games with cash payouts; which the happy winners stories of the quick payouts testify to. The Jackpot Madness network casinos are well known for their fair gaming practices, with all game payouts reviewed by an international top 5 accounting firm. Like all the casinos in the network, 32Red Casino is committed to providing the ultimate in safe, fun, gaming, having invested heavily in technology to ensure player privacy, confidentiality and security. The 32Red Casino staff is representative of the high caliber of individuals running the Jackpot Madness network casinos (more information can be accessed here). All the Jackpot Madness network casinos maintain the highest level of credibility & integrity, ensuring fair gaming and full accountability.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the pace that the Unique Casino network is growing. The Jackpot Madness family currently boasts 71 casinos, with more joining all the time.” said Marilyn Glazier, Press Agent for Jackpotmadness.com. “Congratulations to Andrew on his big win! Based on feedback we receive from our international pool of happy winners, we have created an ideal atmosphere for players looking for a realistic, entertaining gambling experience with frequent payouts and the ultimate choice of games; all in the privacy of their own homes.”

About Jackpot Madness:

Jackpot Madness, run by Jumbo Jackpots of Curacao, is the world’s largest online progressive network. All the jackpots won on the casinos providing these games are offered through full, direct cash payouts – the only games on the Internet offering this benefit. The goal of the portal is to provide jackpot enthusiasts with a single destination offering a wide choice of progressives, featuring frequent payouts and record-breaking jackpots. The jackpot totals are “live” and Jackpot Madness provides constantly updated information together with links to over 70 casinos. Total payouts are over $82,000,000 and counting.


Pengeluaran Sgp Slots smart crack CashSplash

Kami telah membaca artikel yang muncul di seluruh papan perjudian tentang kasino Anda yang menolak membayar orang yang secara jujur ​​memenangkan uang dengan bermain sesuai dengan aturan resmi Anda. Dalam tanggapan Anda, Anda telah mencoba mempersempit masalah menjadi hanya beberapa pemain yang berutang hanya beberapa ribu dolar. Anda bahkan mengklaim telah menyumbangkan semua uang yang dikunci untuk amal – menyatakan bahwa Anda hanya mengambil $15.000 dari uang mereka. Itu jelas bohong. Di papan pesan Anda akan dengan mudah menemukan banyak pemain dari masing-masing yang Anda “sita” dalam jumlah yang sama.

Kami ingin menyampaikan kepada semua orang masalah yang telah kami coba selesaikan selama berbulan-bulan sekarang, sejauh ini tidak berhasil. Kami akan menunjukkan bahwa apa yang terjadi sekarang tidak lebih dari kelanjutan dari pola pencurian dana Golden Palace dari pemain jujur.

Kami semua bergabung dengan beberapa kasino yang terkait dengan Golden Palace sekitar Oktober – November 1999. Sejak awal, kami menunjukkan hubungan kami satu sama lain (kami adalah sekelompok kerabat, teman, dan rekan bisnis) hingga staf keamanan kasino. Kami memiliki banyak komunikasi dengan Meyer Oheyom dan Mark Francis, yang selalu mengizinkan kami semua untuk bermain menggunakan akun terpisah kami, berpartisipasi dalam semua promosi, dan menggunakan kartu kredit kami di antara akun permainan kami. Kami bahkan mengirim email daftar semua akun kasino kami untuk membantu Golden Palace mengidentifikasi kami. Kami juga mengirim faks surat referensi dari Toto HK US TREASURY yang dikeluarkan untuk perusahaan IFEX GLOBAL – perusahaan tempat banyak dari kami bekerja. Selain itu, sesuai permintaan mereka, kami mengirim faks salinan kartu kredit kami kepada mereka untuk membuktikan bahwa kartu itu milik kami. Setelah itu, kami secara khusus dijanjikan oleh Mark Francis bahwa akun kami tidak akan pernah dikunci dan kami dapat bermain sebanyak dan selama yang kami inginkan. Setiap saat kami berkomunikasi dengan kasino dengan itikad baik, memperlakukan mereka dengan hormat dan keterbukaan.

Kami ditawari untuk berpartisipasi dalam sejumlah besar promosi yang dijalankan oleh Istana Emas dan kasino terkait pada bulan-bulan terakhir tahun 1999. Tawaran ini datang kepada kami semua langsung dari kasino melalui email. Kami tidak pernah meminta penawaran ini atau meminta email untuk dikirimkan kepada kami. Ketika kami menelepon untuk menanyakan bagaimana kasino dapat memberikan penawaran seperti itu, kami diberitahu bahwa mereka tertarik untuk menarik klien baru dan membuat klien lama senang dan kami langsung didesak oleh staf Golden Palace untuk berpartisipasi dalam promosi ini.

Kami dengan tepat dan hati-hati mengikuti semua aturan yang ditunjukkan dalam penawaran promosi Pengeluaran Sgp dan disclaimer. Setelah menghasilkan hampir $2.000.000 dalam taruhan, kami akhirnya memenangkan sekitar $235.000 di antara kami ber-11. Sebagian besar uang ini diberikan kepada kami sebagai bonus selama promosi, dan, sebagai pemain black jack yang baik, kami tidak hanya berhasil mempertahankan bonus, tetapi benar-benar menang di atasnya. Setiap saat kami mengikuti semua pedoman tertulis dan lisan yang diberikan oleh Istana Emas kepada kami. Tantangan promosi Golden Palace adalah bertaruh jumlah yang diperlukan tanpa kehilangan bonus. Kami yakin ada banyak orang yang mengambil tantangan ini dan akhirnya kehilangan uang mereka. Kami tidak kalah – kami akhirnya menang. Uang ini bukan lagi milik mereka, itu diberikan kepada kami sebagai bonus, dan, mungkin yang membuat mereka heran, Istana Emas tidak dikompensasikan dengan kerugian kami, karena kami tidak kalah.

Dari $235.000 yang kami menangkan, kami hanya dibayar $75.000, dan sisa dana kami “dikunci” pada 14 Januari 2000 oleh Golden Palace tanpa penjelasan apa pun. Golden Palace dan kasino terkait lainnya menolak untuk menjawab permintaan kami atas nama petugas mereka, alamat terdaftar mereka, nama perusahaan mereka, informasi lisensi mereka. Mark Francis menolak untuk menerima telepon kami. Semua orang memberi tahu kami bahwa dialah yang perlu kami ajak berdiskusi tentang pembayaran uang kami.

Sejak itu, menghadapi masalah serupa dengan pemenang lainnya, Golden Palace menemukan beberapa kata kunci dan frasa yang mereka gunakan saat mencuri uang orang, seperti “penyalahgunaan bonus” (baca: “penggunaan bonus”), “belumkah kami membayar Anda cukup banyak?” ” (baca: “jika Anda menang sekali dan tidak kalah setelah itu kami tidak akan membayar Anda”), “terima kasih tetapi tidak, terima kasih” (baca: “pergi dan, omong-omong, lupakan uang Anda”) dan “Anda menang dengan uang kita” (mereka lupa bahwa ketika mereka memberi seseorang bonus, uang itu bukan lagi milik mereka).

Kami memahami bahwa Golden Palace mungkin telah melakukan kesalahan bisnis dalam kampanye pemasarannya yang agresif. Rupanya, mereka memberi pemain terlalu banyak uang dalam bonus dan sekarang mencoba untuk memperbaiki kesalahan mereka dengan menyita dana dari pemain yang akhirnya menang paling banyak (kami yakin jika setelah $2.000.000 dalam taruhan kami akhirnya kehilangan $235.000, akun kami akan tetap terbuka dan uang kita akan hilang selamanya). Di perusahaan normal mana pun, Mark Francis akan kehilangan pekerjaannya karena menjalankan kampanye “pemasaran” seperti itu, tetapi tampaknya posisinya di Golden Palace dijamin oleh kepentingan pribadi.

Untuk mata semua orang, Golden Palace memposting daftar “Top 20” dari pemain terbaik mereka. Anda akan melihat bahwa pemenang teratas hingga April 2000 menguangkan lebih dari $100.000 setiap bulan. Anda dapat melihat bagaimana setelah mereka mengunci pemenang teratas mereka, pemain terbaik mereka di daftar “Top 20” menyusut menjadi hanya $54.500 pada Mei 2000. Alasannya adalah bahwa mereka mengunci semua orang yang menang lebih banyak. Kami yakin bahwa banyak dari pemenang “Top 20” bulan sebelumnya tidak pernah mendapatkan uang mereka.

Merupakan hak kasino mana pun untuk membatasi beberapa pemain untuk mengunjunginya, tetapi apakah ada yang pernah mendengar tentang kasino yang mengambil chip dari pemain yang mengunci tamu keluar dari kamar mereka di mana mereka menyimpan kemenangan mereka?

Kami telah melakukan banyak upaya untuk menegosiasikan pelepasan akun kami dengan Golden Palace. Sejauh ini kami belum berhasil. Alasan terbaik yang bisa mereka kemukakan adalah karena mereka tidak tahu apakah kartu kredit itu digunakan untuk penipuan atau apakah orang-orang yang ada di rekening itu benar-benar ada. Tawaran kami untuk membuktikan sebaliknya dibiarkan tanpa tanggapan. Juga, Istana Emas tidak dapat menggunakan argumen mereka yang biasa tentang kami semua yang terkait, karena mereka telah mengetahuinya selama ini – kami selalu terbuka dalam memberi mereka informasi apa pun yang mereka inginkan.

Kami ingin melakukan upaya terakhir untuk menyelesaikan situasi ini dengan menawarkan Istana Emas untuk membuka kunci akun kami dengan ketentuan berikut:


  1. Kami akan memberikan bukti identitas diri kami masing-masing untuk membuktikan bahwa kami bukan orang yang sama (salah satu klaim GP biasa)


  1. Kami akan memberikan bukti bahwa semua kartu kredit yang digunakan pada semua akun adalah milik kami secara sah


  1. Kami akan memberikan bukti bahwa semua rekening bank kami valid untuk menerima transfer kawat


  1. Kami tidak akan pernah berpartisipasi dalam promosi lagi


  1. Kami akan membuat taruhan pada setiap akun yang akan sama dengan setidaknya 10 kali saldo akun saat ini.


  1. Kami akan memberi tahu semua penerima email ini bahwa kasus kami telah diselesaikan dengan adil dan sepenuhnya memuaskan kami.


Kami juga akan menerima tawaran alternatif yang masuk akal dari Golden Palace.

Daftar akun kami disediakan di bagian bawah pesan ini. Kami juga memiliki catatan lengkap dari semua pembelian, kemenangan, dan uang tunai kami, serta log email komunikasi dengan Golden Palace dan kasino terkait.

Jika kami tidak dapat mengatasi situasi ini, langkah kami selanjutnya adalah:


  1. Segera memulai kampanye besar-besaran di Internet untuk mencegah pemain yang ada dan calon korban lainnya untuk bermain di Golden Palace, Casino Depot, dan kasino terkait lainnya. Kami siap menggunakan setidaknya $75.000 yang telah kami terima untuk membayar iklan yang diperlukan di seluruh komunitas perjudian.


  1. Meminta badan pemberi lisensi di Kanada dan Antigua mencabut lisensi untuk Golden Palace dan semua kasino terkait karena melanggar peraturan permainan, penipuan pemain, penipuan kartu kredit, dan penipuan bank.


  1. Ajukan atau bergabunglah dengan gugatan class-action melawan Golden Palace, ECashWorld, MicroGaming dan semua pihak terkait lainnya dan tarik sebanyak mungkin pemain yang berada dalam situasi yang mirip dengan kita.


  1. Mengadu ke instansi terkait, termasuk INTERPOL, dan memberi mereka informasi tentang penipuan kartu kredit, penipuan bank, penipuan kawat dan operasi kriminal lainnya yang dijalankan dari kantor Antigua di Golden Palace, dan nama-nama individu yang kami percaya mengatur penipuan ini.


  1. Menarik perhatian media besar-besaran untuk tidak membayar kemenangan kita. Kami yakin bahwa semua publikasi perjudian di Amerika Serikat akan dengan senang hati memuat artikel tentang kasino online yang mencuri uang dalam jumlah besar dari warga negara. Kami juga mengetahui minat berbagai jaringan berita TV untuk menayangkan acara khusus tentang situasi ini dan kami memiliki banyak informasi yang akan menarik minat mereka.


  1. Meminta bantuan Departemen Luar Negeri AS dan pemerintah AS lainnya serta lembaga perlindungan hukum dalam pemulihan dana kami dari Istana Emas dan organisasi terkait.


Di bawah tanda tangan kami, Anda akan menemukan tabel dengan nama, alamat email, serta daftar akun tempat Istana Emas mencuri uang kami. Jika salah satu dari jumlah ini tidak benar, harap beri tahu kami agar kami dapat mengoordinasikan catatan kami.

Di bagian atas surat ini adalah daftar pihak ketiga yang kami kirimkan salinan pesan ini untuk referensi mereka. Kami meminta pihak-pihak ini untuk menggunakan pesan ini secara internal dan dalam membantu kami menyelesaikan situasi ini. Kami percaya pesan ini harus dipublikasikan hanya jika kami tidak berhasil menyelesaikan masalah ini.

Jika kami tidak dapat menyelesaikan situasi ini, kami mendesak semua situs web perjudian untuk memposting pesan ini di papan yang berhubungan dengan Istana Emas dan kasino terkait sehingga tidak ada yang tidak mengetahui apa yang sedang terjadi dan agar calon pemain dapat diperingatkan untuk menjauh dari situs ini.



Michigan Authorities Set up Pseudo Net Togel Hari Ini Betting Site

Amid the ranks of various factions of law enforcement in the United States seeking to stomp out gambling over the Internet, authorities have yet to go after the casual bettor. The Wayne County, Mich. Sheriff’s department has taken a crack at being the first to do so. . . sort of.

During last year’s Super Bowl and Final Four tournament, the department’s Internet Crimes Task Force (ICTF) unit set up a bogus online sportsbook with the intention of luring Michigan residents to make “illegal bets” on the big games.

At the time, Sgt. Greg Gordish, a member of the Internet Crime Bureau, told the media that the purpose of the project was to bring “big-time gamblers” to justice. Gordish said the division was looking for “bookies–anyone who bets big money,” and not “penny-ante bettors.” No busts were reported.

A year later the department, under the direction of Sheriff Robert Ficano, took another crack at it–this time in hopes of snaring Super Bowl XXXV bettors. Ficano admitted, however, that the purpose this time around was to educate and not to press charges.

“At this point in time we are looking at it as more of an educational tool,” Ficano told Interactive Gaming News. “Maybe down the road we will look into using it as a tool for criminal prosecution.”

Ficano said the department sent the deceived would-be gamblers messages letting them know the site was established by law enforcement. “We let them know that making bets online is illegal in Michigan and everywhere else in the United States and that they should be more careful in who they give their credit card information out to,” he said.

While the Michigan “sting” doesn’t pose much of a threat to online gamblers–particularly the majority of which whom don’t reside in the state of Michigan–it does bring to mind a few commonly asked questions:

Is placing a bet over the Internet against a law?

More importantly, if it is against the law, will they come after me?

On a federal level, this is unclear because no gambling-related laws specifically pertain to the Internet. Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl previously including a provision in his Internet Gambling Prohibition Act that made it illegal for the casual bettor to place wagers over the Internet. That provision, however, was removed from the legislation, which ultimately failed anyway. Kyl hasn’t yet introduced the bill since Congress started again this month.

On a state level, a handful of U.S. states have passed Togel Hari Ini gambling prohibition laws. Michigan’s legislature, for example, in January 2000 passed Act No. 235, a cyber crimes act that criminalizes online gambling. Whether the law pertains exclusively to gambling businesses or also to casual bettors is open to interpretation.

The states of Illinois, Louisiana, Nevada and South Dakota have also passed laws that prohibit Internet gambling. The Illinois law could conceivably pertain to the casual bettor; the Nevada and South Dakota laws appear to target gambling operations and not bettors; in Louisiana, the casual better can be fined up to $500. (These laws are subject to interpretation. For a definitive answer to whether placing a bet over the Internet is legal in these states or any other state, you should consult an attorney.)

There have been no cases to date in which a person in the United States has been prosecuted for placing a bet over the Internet.


Why Ethereum Investors Should Look at Ripple and Crypto Gambling

It’s barely noon and already it’s been a big day for digital currency. Ethereum passed Bitcoin in trading volume — a move prompted by investor confidence in China.

Investors are on the edges of their seats. Big things are stirring, and this has many people clinging or adding to their original investments. But Ethereum’s growth sport kazakhstan actually marks a great time to diversify your digital currency assets.

As Ethereum skyrockets, more and more people are becoming aware of digital currency.

This means more investors are flooding the market. Novice investors are gaining experience, and with that experience comes a more  diverse investing approach. Other currencies will soon benefit from Ethereum’s fame.

Today, there are dozens of promising digital currency opportunities that you can buy for less than a dollar. Some investors have chosen to invest through initial coin offerings (ICO). And though ICOs are often lucrative, they require you to take a bet on an unproven technology. This is why many investors have chosen to stay with the established digital currencies like Ripple, which you can still get for under $0.50.

What Is Ripple?

Ripple isn’t a newcomer to the digital currency market.

It was developed in 2012 by the CEO and CTB of OpenCoin, a venture capital-backed currency payment system. Most of the developers behind Ripple also worked with Bitcoin. This gives Ripple a unique edge against its peers, who often come from inexperienced development groups. Ripple hasn’t had a phenomenal week. Ethereum dethroned the currency from pin-up its spot as the second highest market cap. Then it plummeted alongside other digital currencies on Friday.

This isn’t surprising. Nor is it a reflection of Ripple’s underlying potential.

It just gives investors a chance to get in at a low price.

In yesterday’s Ethereum update, I talked about how Bitcoin influences other altcoins and Crypto Gambling. And how investors tend to sell or move between coins when certain currencies falter.

But investors shouldn’t move out of Ripple. Like Ethereum, Ripple has a unique function that gives it long-term potential. Remember, in the digital currency world, there are hundreds of potential winners.

It doesn’t have to be Ethereum or Bitcoin. So, it’s wise to pad your portfolio with dozens of promising technologies. And what makes Ripple promising is its fundamental tech: the Interledger Protocol.

The Interledger Protocol

Bitcoin is a currency exchange; Ethereum is a smart contract-capable network.

And Ripple is a channel that allows secure, fast currency exchanges.

Ripple relies on its Interledger Protocol to send money between individuals. Picture it like this: Both you and your friend share one password and are able to receive and send money through pin up casino a channel opened by this password. This will fix pin up many exchange problems, including sending and receiving money between banks and overseas. Ripple is the answer to a lengthy, headache-inducing process.

It’s also a win for corporations. Ripple has tremendous support from the financial community, mainly because it saves banks money. Currently, if a bank is using pin-up kz Ripple, it saves $3.76 per payment. That is a cumulative saving of $564,000 a year.

Let’s be honest — most progress in this world happens because of greed.

We are just lucky that in Ripple’s case, corporate greed will help create a more secure channel of exchange for individuals. And Ripple’s potential doesn’t end in finance. Once the channel is constructed, Ripple can ferry any kind of information between two individuals. That is incredibly valuable in our increasingly security-sensitive world.

Perhaps this is why Ripple has managed to drum up $55 million in venture capital pin up casino and become the darling of tech giant Google.

Ripple is still under $1, which gives investors who missed Bitcoin and Ethereum in their foundational stages a second chance.

But no one expects it to stay at $1 for long.

We are in the thick of a digital currency gold rush, and promising currencies like Ripple are going to receive more investors in the coming months. Currently, Coinbase doesn’t allow users to buy Ripple. You would have to go to Kraken or Poloniex and buy Ripple with Bitcoin funds. This has stalled the currency’s growth. But just imagine what will happen when this process is less complicated.

As Ethereum grows, begin to diversify and pad your digital currency portfolio. Remember that Ethereum will continue to surge and retreat and that moving among currencies won’t protect profits.

Invest wisely by basing your decisions on technology, not trends.

And if you are investing in tech, investing in Ripple is a no-brainer.

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CryptoLogic’s Gaming Software Hacked in best online casino singapore 



CryptoLogic Inc., the Toronto company that’s a veteran developer of Internet gaming and e-commerce software, suffered a “system intrusion” at the end of August. The hacker caused the win rate on three games – craps, video slots and the “Rags to Riches” progressive slot – to be higher than had been programmed by CryptoLogic.


As a result, players who happened to be playing those games on the sites of two CryptoLogic licensees won much more money than they were supposed to. They were paid in full.


The windfall to players amounted to US$1.9 million. The company said it has submitted a claim for $1.3 million to its insuror. So the loss to CryptoLogic and the two licensees will be $600,000, with most of that absorbed by CryptoLogic.


The company mentioned the incident in a press release issued Wednesday. Its director of communications, Nancy Chan-Palmateer, fleshed out some of the details in an interview today with RGT Online. She said she couldn’t discuss all of the details because an investigation is continuing.


“There was never any compromise of player information, there was no access to financial information,” Chan-Palmateer said. “All of that was fully secure.”


The company believes that the hacker was trying to harm CryptoLogic, not trying to rig games so that the hacker could personally benefit. All of the players at the time were longtime players known to the sites where they gambled, Chan-Palmateer said.


“This is more of a malicious attack on the company, someone trying to hurt the organization,” she said, adding that there’s “a high likelihood that this person has intimate knowledge of our system, so it’s not just your average Joe out there trying to get into the system.”


Chan-Palmateer declined to identify the two casinos, but she said they were two of CryptoLogic’s larger licensees. The company has more than 20 licensees, all using the same software. But the hacker’s manipulations only affected one game server, she said, and that server was the one the two licensees were using at the time.


The intrusion was detected after a few hours. “We were able to contain the situation,” Chan-Palmateer said. “We stopped those best online casino singapore  momentarily, we identified the particular players involved that had been affected, we then disabled those accounts and advised licensees as well as the players. We restarted the games so there was no disruption of service to other players, they could continue to play.


“It was the licensees’ decision, which we fully supported, that they wanted to play their players in full, so we’ve got a lot of happy players out there now.”


This is undoubtedly not the first time that a developer’s gaming software has been hacked, but it is unusual for the developer to announce the fact and be willing to discuss the details. Chan-Palmateer said CryptoLogic’s action in this case “is very much consistent with regulatory environments, which is what we’re moving towards.”


In its press release, the company said, “As part of its ongoing commitment to regulatory compliance for safe and secure online gaming, the company also advised that it has swiftly resolved a recent system intrusion with minimal impact.”


“It is a cost of doing business,” Chan-Palmateer said. “We’re not happy that it happened of course, but we were happy with the response, that we were able to contain it with full protection to players, and minimize exposure to both ourselves and our licensees.”


CryptoLogic said its loss from the hacking incident is not expected to affect its quarterly results. The company anticipates net income of US$4.2-$4.6 million this quarter, on revenue of US$9.7-$10.2 million. At these levels, both income and revenue would be significantly ahead of last year’s third quarter.


The company also announced Wednesday that it was in the process of getting its software certified by the governments of the Isle of Man and Alderney, two island territories off the coast of Britain that have recently legalized online casinos.


Asked if that means that some of CryptoLogic’s licensees have applied or plan to apply for online gaming licenses in these jurisdictions, Chan-Palmateer said, “Yes, that’s an appropriate conclusion. We’re preparing ourselves and positioning ourselves so that we can get out of the gate pretty quickly.” Certification by these governments might also help the company secure new clients for its software.


The company’s efforts to obtain regulatory clearance in the Isle of Man are further along than in Alderney, where they are just beginning, she said. In both cases, she said, the process should be helped by the work the company has already done with regulators in Australia. Authorities there have been testing CryptoLogic’s software and performing background checks on the company and its officers.


The compliance work in Australia has been under way for 18 months, and “we’re just moving into the final stretch of it and hope to be done this fall,” Chan-Palmateer said. The company has spent more than US$2 million on the Australian compliance process, she said.





Judi online tidaklah asing bagi sebagian besar orang mengiktui perkembangan teknologi yang semakin pesat. Bukan hanya bagi kalangan pemain tetapi juga termasuk dalam kalangan awam. Judi online sendiri merupakan salah satu sistem atau cara pertaruhan sebagai updating atas pertaruhan tradisional yang mengharuskan para pemainnya melakukan permainan judi secara langsung di tempat. Dikarenakan perubahan atas kemudahan yang diberikan oleh judi online yang ada, semakin banyak permain yang tertarik untuk mencoba mulai permainan judi online. Baik pemain lama dari judi konvensional ataupun pemain awam yang memang baru saja terjun ke dunia judi. Dapat dikatakan bahwa judi online tidaklah menjadi tabu di era sekarang ini. Bahkan banyak pemain yang sengaja mengincar permainan tertentu untuk memenangkan pertaruhan dengan strategi-strategi yang ada.


Dengan kebebasan dan kemudahan yang memungkinkan pemain bermain taruhan dalam judi online 24 jam secara tanpa batasan apapun memberikan kesempatan bagi bandar mulai memperbanyak situs-situs yang ada sehingga banyak situs judi online palace303 bar uterus-menerus bermunculan untuk memenuhi permintaan pasar. Walaupun dunia perjudian tidak lagi menjadi hal tabu di kalangan masyarakat Indonesia, namun pasti anda ingin memainkan judi online secara aman dan nyaman tanpa perlu harus mengkhawatirkan akun pribadi anda disalahgunakan apalagi diambil oleh pihak yang tidak bertanggung jawab kan? Situs web judi online yang biasanya tersedia selalu memunculak keamanan yang ditanggung oleh pihak mereka dengan deposit yang lumayan murah dan keuntungan yang menggiurkan. Namun yang harus anda ketahui bahwa hal tersebut tidaklah cukup untuk membuat anda merasa aman saat bermain judi online dan mempertaruhkan uang anda. Maka kami hadir dengan langkah-langkah yang wajib anda lakukan untuk mengamankan akun anda saat bermain judi online. Banyak peminat judi di Indonesia lebih memilih untuk menggunakan judi secara online dikarenakan banyak benefit dan keuntungan, ditambah judi langsung dianggap lebih kolot dan tidak efesien. Karena peminat judi online sangat tinggi, maka langkah-langkah untuk mengamankan akun pribadi judi online anda adalah sebagai berikut :



Sebelumnya cari tahu sebanyak mungkin mengenai situs judi online yang tersedia yang menyediakan jenis permainan judi yang kalian inginkan, mengingat banyaknya situs judi online yang ada dan jenis permainan judi online yang telah tersedia secara massal di internet. Cek riwayat dan kinerja dari setiap situs judi online yang menjadi kandidat dari yang akan anda pilih, jangan lupa cari tahu mengenai kredibilitas atas situs judi online tersebut.


Dalam suatu situs judi online yang tersedia, biasanya memiliki ketentuan-ketentuan yang berbeda satu sama lain. Situs judi online yang akan menjadi kandidat terpilih, cari tahu terlebih dahulu dan pelajari baik-baik tentang syarat dan ketentuan serta peraturan yang ada untuk menghindari anda akan dianggap curang. Contohnya apabila satu situs judi online melarang anda memiliki lebih dari satu akun untuk menghindari double bonus dengan satu nama anda, maka situs judi online dapat memblock atau akun anda dapat dibekukan selama beberapa waktu berikut beserta saldo dan bonus-bonus yang tersedia. Hal tersebut hanya akan menghambat dan merugikan anda. Maka pelajari baik-baik ketentuan yang sudah tertulis untuk menghindari sistem membekukan apalagi menghapus akun anda dengan resiko kerugian material yang tidak sedikir dan akan mempengaruhi anda untuk membuat akun baru kedepannya.




Biasanya dalam dunia judi online akan ada dua transaksi terpenting dalam judi online itu sendiri, yaitu transaksi deposit (top-up saldo) dan withdraw (penarikan saldo). Atas kedua transaksi tersebut biasanya ada aturan maswing-masing dari situs judi online jika ingin melakukan transaksi deposit dan penarikan. Pelajari juga sistem transaksi, rata-rata waktu yang dibutuhkan dan apakah ada biaya transaksi tambahan.


Dalam dunia judi online tersedia banyak pilihan permainan untuk ditaruhkan. Biasanya satu situs juga menyediakan beberapa permainan. Tidak mungkin juga bahwa anda sebagai pemain hanya bermain dengan satu atau dua jenis permainan. Cari tahu sebanyak mungkin informasi-informasi secara detail sebelum anda bermain permainan baru.

“Signal failure” – Newest Mobile Phone Ligaz11 Game

UK, London-December 1, 2000–As a Londoner, the greatest gaming challenge you have ever faced is neither in outer space nor in a wizard’s dungeon – it’s right beneath your feet!


Whether you are trying to reach your hot date on time… or make that vital international connection… or even attempting to find your way home from the pub… you’ll be forced to navigate on an underground transport system that is definitely not always on your side. If the delays, derailments, suspect packages and strikes don’t throw you off course, then the denizens of the underground will have a damn good try.


Muggers, beggars, law enforcement officers, tone-deaf busters, murderous drunks, psychotic taxi drivers… all populate your transportation experience … Not scared yet? Hang around long enough beneath the streets in the “tube” and you might have the misfortune of encountering rabid mice. Or aliens. Maybe even a werewolf or two. And the ride of a lifetime!


Signal Failure. You’ll never fall asleep on the tube again. Ludiwap Limited gives all underground travellers the opportunity to discuss and expose their daily travel experiences, as a means of free therapy and perhaps even find their experience featured in another set of adventures for the WAP version of Signal Failure. Ludiwap will look at your gripes daily when you engage in our chat forum at this web address: http://www.ludiwap.co.uk/game_sf.htm


By month’s end, Ludiwap hopes to select three of the better stories and create the next phase: “The WAP Underground Game for Londoners”. You may see your name mentioned in one of the random adventures as a contributing writer. This will entitle you to the traveller’s promotion as “Signal Failure Escapee of the Month”. Late January is our planned released for this.


Well, to avoid packing in the frustration, you will, for the time being, have to be above ground to play on your WAP phone. Connect to: http://wap.ludiwap.co.uk


Ride our WAP flagship train; cope with “one unders” and other niceties of tube travels. Use our support page on our Website to configure your phone in case you encounter any difficulties.


I would also like to take this opportunity, to thank the Ludiwap team, especially Anthony, Pierre-Thierry, Chai, Helene and Martin for their exceptional cool and funky work to make this game finally happened.


Ludiwap UK are marketing partner of the Mobile Ligaz11 Entertainment conference in London on the 23rd and 24th of January 2001, which is organised by Marcus Evans UK.


Fantastic Space Simulator 3D Screen Shots Posted


A-OK! The Wings of Mercury 3.0 3D Screen Shots Posted


For Immediate Release:

Brick, NJ – December 5, 2000 – Today YOU ARE GO! unveiled screen shots of external and through-the-window views generated with their new REALView 3D engine. The screen shots feature launch, on-orbit and landing views of both Mercury/Atlas and Mercury/Redstone vehicles, and can be viewed at:



“These early screens shots show how much we’ve progressed on the product with only couple of months using the new software,” remarked YOU ARE GO!’s owner and lead developer, Joseph Nastasi. The REALView 3D engine is now based on a REALbasic software plugin, RB3D (http://techwind.com/rb3d), developed by Joseph Strout. “Despite some false starts with other software, we’ve got a winning combination that will speed up development and provide much flexibility.”


Nastasi stated that the 3D engine will utilize basic 3D effects so that the simulator will be usable with older computers. “There are so many systems being simulated all at once that we need to strike a balance between visual and technical complexity. A-OK! is intended for a wide audience, not all of whom can afford 500Mhz G4 and 1000Mhz Pentium III’s.”


Release Info

Issues with the 3D software has resulted in an estimated release delay of four months. A-OK! The Wings of Mercury 3.0 is now scheduled for release on Mac OS in early February, 2001. The Windows release is now scheduled for April, 2001. The current version 2.1.1 is a Mac OS-only product, is on sale for $20, UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2000, after which it will be priced at $30. The purchase price can be applied to an upgrade to version 3.0 upon its release. The current version is available at http://www.u-r-go.com/order.html


Product Overview

A-OK! The Wings of Mercury 3.0 is without peer as the most realistic spacecraft simulator ever produced for a personal computer. All switches, gauges and indicators operate exactly as the original spacecraft did. Trajectory, spacecraft systems, and even astronaut physiology are all accurately simulated. OpenGL graphics provide out-the-window and external 3D views of flight. Over 25 data parameters can be recorded, graphed and exported to other data analysis programs. Finally, the simulated mission is evaluated and a multi-page Mission Evaluation Report is produced in HTML format.



YOU ARE GO! Educational Space Simulations is a privately owned company based in central NJ.


Projected Requirements

A-OK! The Wings of Mercury 3.0 will be available for the Mac OS initially. A Windows version is planned for mid 2001. Mac OS requirements will be: a PowerMac (200Mhz or faster), System 8.6 or later, Apple OpenGL 1.1.2 or later, 20Mb free RAM, 15Mb disk space, and Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later. A RAGE compatible 3D accelerator card and three-axis joystick are highly recommended. Requirements and product specifications subject to change.





The Kitchen Table Players (KTPs) are mentioned many times in my articles. They are the majority of people you’ll find on any low limit seven-card stud poker table. My guess is that on any weekend in Atlantic City between four and six of the players on any $1-5 or $5-10 table will qualify as KTPs. During the week probably only three to four will be KTPs. Recognizing KTPs is one thing; dealing with them on the table is another. Discipline is the most important factor since they will draw out on you many times. However, if you play a strong disciplined game you will prevail in the long run. This article discusses the seven deadly sins of such players. We will list the sins and then discuss how to deal with each sin. If your reading this article, you are most likely not a KTP. The fact that you are interested enough in your game to be reading poker articles indicates to me that you are series about improving your game. It also indicates that you think about your game and the strategies you employ on the table. KTP’s play the Slot Gacor game by the seat of their pants. Yes they may have read some articles and maybe even a book, but when they get on the table they know that everything Uncle Harry taught them around the kitchen table works better than what they read in any book. They commit these sins repeatedly throughout any poker session.




The first deadly sin is one that every poker writer has cautioned against. This can be a major problem for anyone, but KTPs bring it to a higher level. KTPs consider it a sin not to play just about every hand. A friend of mine, who never played casino poker, accompanied me to AC one day to watch me play. He didn’t want to play, because he felt intimidated by the formality of the game in a casino. He sat with me and watched. Just about every hand I folded he would tap me on the shoulder and ask why I folded the hand. Starting cards like Ace, Nine, Seven rainbow were starting hands in his mind. After a while I started taking him aside and explaining that there were two aces on board and there was little potential in the hand, especially since there was a raise on third street. When I folded small pairs with a low kicker, he really thought I was crazy. He could not see why I didn’t continue and see what developed. As I’ve heard many times from KTPs “this is a seven-card game.” They want to see what will happen when all seven cards are out. The principles of kitchen table play are so ingrained they cannot or will not change their style of play. This is good for the serious player.




It amazes me how little attention KTPs pay to the cards that are out in a hand. All the information displayed is wasted on these players. I’ve seen them bet into trips on board while holding just a single small pair. Watching them bet into and call raises is fun, especially when at show down you’ll hear something like “ Oh, I didn’t see those three Kings.” I assumed they are sighted when they sit at the table but many times I wonder how much they see. What they are seeing is their hand. One of the traits of the KTP is focusing on their hand only. They look at their hand and consider all the great possibilities that might develop. They do this to the exclusion of what is happening on the board. Consequently, they are drawing dead in many situations.




I hate straights. I’ve read where many top players do not play straights. I don’t, and it helps my game. The only time I end up with a straight is when a flush draw breaks but forms up a straight, or a good pair doesn’t improve but forms a part of a straight. I believe playing for straights is a bad strategy. KTPs on the other hand love straights. They will go after anything that remotely resembles a straight. I once sat at a table with a man who said, “I’m a construction worker, I construct straights” and he did. I watched him play for an hour where it seemed the only hands he played were straight draws. During that hour he won several pots. However, as time went on, he lost his stake plus a couple of additional buy-ins. My philosophy is that the most popular hand in poker is the four straight. I don’t want to be in a hand looking for a straight and getting beat by flushes or ending up with that most popular hand. That is very expensive.




As with the third deadly sin, KTPs have a fascination with any pair. They learn this on the kitchen table. “Gee, you have a pair, that is a good starting point.” You will see them call raises on Third Street with a pair of threes when it is obvious the raiser has a big pair. They will stay in a hand when it is virtually hopeless since they haven’t noticed that their cards are dead and that another player has them beat. Combining this trait with not watching the board causes a lot of money to flow out of KTPs stacks.




What has your experience been with a pair of Aces or Kings on Third Street? If you don’t improve, you don’t win the pot a majority of the time. Most writers recommend playing these pairs aggressively early to limit the field. If you are in a multi-way pot with a pair of Kings, look out. The KTP doesn’t see it that way. This is a huge hand for them. They will get themselves trapped by slow playing these hands. If you don’t improve when playing multi-way you are contributing to someone else’s bankroll most of the time. Those straight draws and flush draws will hit and make your big pair, at best, second best. The KTP doesn’t understand why a great hand like a pair of Aces doesn’t win all the time. By slow playing this hand they let their brethren play those straights and small pairs and crack their “Hugh” hand.




Just like slow playing big pairs, the KTP is in love with high cards. Now I’m not talking about overcards that you can play cheaply on early streets. I’m talking about any face card or ace. If one of them is in the starting three cards, chances are our KTP friend is going to be in the pot. It doesn’t matter how many of those same cards are out, remember they don’t watch the board. I’ve heard it said many times at the end of a hand “gee, I had an Ace and my hand never got better.” Usually I silently ask, “then why did you call three and five dollar bets to the river.” The reason is they are in love with the high cards; they are the best cards around. Uncle Harry said if you start with any of them you could make a big hand. This is possible, but the KTP just plays them all the time regardless of the circumstances. That strategy can cost a fortune.




KTPs go on tilt much more than the average player. In fact, in seems that some KTPs are on tilt all the time. A bad beat in their mind can destroy the evening of playing cards. But they don’t walk away, or take a break; they keep on playing and get madder and madder at the game and the serious players on the table. I can’t get any cards is a frequent complaint of KTPs. The question I like to ask (in my mind only NEVER out loud) is “then how come you’re playing every hand”? When they are on tilt they many times alter their play so as they may commit at least six of the seven sins during one hand instead of the usual two to three sins.


Now let’s discuss how to deal with the sins of the KTPs. First factor is to recognize and remember whom the KTPs are you are playing with. It is rare for them to change their playing style so once you label them a KTP, they usually will consistently play as a KTP. However, I have seen one exception to this rule. Identify them as soon as possible after sitting in a game. You probably have played with some previously so you can concentrate on new players in the game.


Taking each sin, we’ll look at how to play against the KTP (we are assuming, of course, that you are playing a strong hand in each case):


  1. Playing too many hands is obvious to the attentive player. Going beyond that you must try to see the type of starting hands they are playing further through the streets. You know they will bet Third-street almost every time. But try to determine their starting hand when they lay down a hand on seventh-street. This will give you an idea of what this particular KTP is playing all the way. Therefore, when you have them in a pot with you, you’ll be better able to put them on a hand.


  1. Your watching the board, they are not. This is a great advantage. When you see they are drawing dead, or you are fairly sure they are, you can bet very aggressively and they will call. Remember they aren’t aware that they are drawing dead. Take advantage of this every time.


  1. Many KTPs give great tells when they are drawing for a straight. You can see them “counting” the cards to see if they have the straight. Usually they will look for a long time at their hole cards to be sure it is a straight. The reason it takes so long is it usually is an inside straight. Bet aggressively when you see them drawing to a straight. Yes, they are going to draw out on you and you may lose for the session due to your aggressive betting. However, in the long run, more of those aggressive bets will be in your stack rather than theirs.


  1. Let them bet their small pairs. On early streets, just call. When your hand improves to where you know you have either a good draw or high pairs to beat their small pairs, start raising. You will get called; they know that those threes and deuces are the best hand in play. You know better.


  1. Slow playing the big pairs is many times hard to recognize. Since the KTPs are playing most hands and calling bets regularly, it is difficult to know whether they are overplaying small pairs or slow playing high pairs. They will surprise you a lot. However, if you are playing quality hands, with good discipline, their play should not cost you much. Watch for tells. They usually get a little excited with a pair of Kings or Aces; it shows on their faces not in their bets. When a high card goes down in another hand, look for reaction. KTPs will usually react to seeing their card go to someone else. This is one of the few times they actually watch the board for their cards. You can capitalize on this trait.


  1. KTPs play aces and kings and queens and jacks. I’m not talking about pairs of these; I’m talking about just one in their hand. They love high cards. I do too and play them many times when they are over-cards to the board and

Benefit ligaz11 Poker Tournament for Pam Vatrano

I recently received some distressing news about a poker dealer friend of mine whom I have known since I arrived in Las Vegas over 14 years ago. I am not going to go into detail about her illness but I am going to write a Chip Chatter about Pam Vatrano and her tremendous career as a poker dealer in an upcoming issue of Poker Digest. Pam is a trooper and her attitude is remarkable.

Darlene Wood, a mutual friend, came up with the idea of a benefit poker tournament to raise money to help Pam through the (financially) tough times ahead. I had never heard of such a thing in Las Vegas but I decided, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I phoned Donna Harris, the cardroom manager at the Mirage where Pam had dealt for many years, and after some consideration and planning Donna agreed to host the event.

The Benefit Tournament is set for December 17, 2000 at the Mirage Poker Room at 2:00 PM and seating will be limited. The tournament is limit hold’em with a $40 buy-in and multiple $20 rebuys. The prize pool will be split 50% to the winners and 50% to Pam. Of course, if the winners choose to donate their half to Pam, I’ll just have to mention what wonderful and generous folks they are. If we get lucky and I think we will, Pam will make a special appearance at the benefit tournament.

On behalf of Pam, I would like to publicly thank Donna Harris, the Mirage, and the poker community for making this happen. Once again, I am assured that poker people are good people.

Records are Made to be Kept

Let me ask you two questions. First, are you a winning player? Second, how do you know? If someone tells me she’s a winning player, I expect her to be able to back it up with evidence – cold, hard proof. I expect to see data sheets and printouts, or at least hand-scrawled entries in a notebook, indicating her performance and results in every session she’s ever played since, ah, well, the dawn of time.

A lot of people claim to be winning ligaz11 players, and a lot of them are lying. They have anecdotal evidence about the time they crushed this game or destroyed that one, but they conveniently forget all the little (and big!) losses in between. It’s bad enough when they lie to others, but it’s murder when they lie to themselves. Honest records are key to success in poker; you simply can’t call yourself a serious player (or even an anecdotally successful one) unless you keep them.

Look, no one says you have to be serious about your poker. You can play when you want and how you want, and then forget your results as soon as you’re done with the game. But if someone insists that you’re not a winning player, wouldn’t you like to be able to prove him wrong? I can, and I do. When people tell me I’m wasting money playing poker, I open my books. I show them my track record, and put their claim to shame.

Just one problem. Honest records require, well, honesty. If you keep track of your play, sooner or later you come face to face with your own flaws or limitations. My records reveal, for instance, that while I do very well in low-limit ring games, I get killed in tournaments, and killed again when I try to play large. My worst mistake is playing over my head, and thus playing tight and scared, and absorbing over-large losses in over-small blocks of time. It hurts to face a truth like that, but how an I fix a problem if I won’t even admit that I have it? Hard information may be hard, but it’s information just the same. Just be man enough, or woman enough, to face the hard truth that your records reveal and you’re well on your way to improving your game.

So now let me ask you a third question: How do you keep records? What tips would you offer other players for setting up and keeping an accurate set of poker records? Share your information in the PokerPages Forum. Let us know that you’re a successful player, and that you’ve got the evidence to prove it.