Stop! Tell Me Why You’re Betting on casino en ligne



Stop! Tell Me Why You\’re Betting.Why do you bet? Look, I’m not trying to put you on the spot or make you feel uncomfortable. I really want to know. Sometimes we get in the habit of playing poker automatically, without really examining our motives for betting. I’ve done this myself.


But it can sometimes be dangerous to bet for no particular reason, just out of routine. When poker grows automatic, when we’ve played too many hours and each hour seems like the last, that’s the time to ask today’s compelling question.


Yes, my friends, next time you feel your fingers reaching for your chips without your permission, stop before you extend that arm and drop perfectly good money into the pot. Ask yourself, “Why am I betting?” It’s a simple question, isn’t it?


Seven good reasons to bet. Your answer to that question should be one of the following:



1.I want my opponent to call so I can win more money.

2.I’m hoping I can win the pot right now.

3.It would be to my advantage to drive at least some of my opponents out of the pot.

4.My opponent probably needs to improve, and I want him to pay for the privilege.

5.By betting right now, I will gain an advantage on later betting rounds.

6.This bet will help me establish a psychological image that will help me win more money in the future.

7.I’m better off betting than checking and calling.


That’s a very carefully thought out list. Sure, you can add to it, but almost anything you might add will either fit into one of my seven categories or it isn’t important.


Art dared to disrespect the Mad Genius.

I once showed this list to Art, an expert player from northern Nevada. And the bastard scoffed. I mean, how rude could he be? Can you imagine another player scoffing at the Mad Genius What nerve! And then he tapped me on the shoulder in a fatherly and annoying way.


“Mike,” he said, “you’re forgetting the best reason of all to bet.”


“What’s that?” I wanted to know.


“You’re forgetting that a lot of times you bet because you have the best hand!”


Well, I stared this guy down, man to man, gunslinger to gunslinger. “Art,” I challenged, “you’re wrong! Having the best hand isn’t a reason to bet a hand. It’s an observation about a hand.”


And, guess what? That turns out to be a critical point about poker. The strength of your hand is never a cause of action. It is only one factor in evaluating what action to take. Ultimately, all poker decisions – calling, betting, bluffing, raising, sandbagging, checking, passing – must be based on the premise that you have something to gain. Gaining should be the cause of action.


You might hold the best hand and choose not to bet because you’ll make more money by checking and raising, or by checking and calling, or setting up a future-betting-round trap.


What’s to gain?

If you throw a hand away, what do you have to gain? Simple. You gain the money you did not lose. Think about it. If a hand is unprofitable, that means it will cost you money to play it. Let’s say it would cost you $15, on average. Fine. Let’s also say you have $5,000 in your bankroll right now. If you play that hand, your bankroll is only theoretically worth $4,985. But if you throw the hand away and get up right now, you’ll have a full $5,000. The difference is $15, and you gain it by passing.


Every poker action – unless the situation is exactly break-even – should be designed to gain something. So, we can expand today’s question and ask, anytime we do anything in poker, “What am I gaining by doing this?” If you can’t answer that question, don’t take that action on casino en ligne.


Looking at today’s seven reasons to bet, a few of them need clarification. Number three, in particular, can be a dangerous betting motive if not used by a very experienced player. That’s because chasing players out of pots is easier said than done. Still more difficult is calculating whether you really are better off limiting the field. My research suggests that – unless this action is likely to let you win the pot without a showdown by eliminating everyone at some point – you should often let all opponents stay in. Not always, but often. So, this particular reason for betting can be ignored (unless you’re a very knowledgeable player) without significantly changing your prospects of winning.


Similarly, numbers five and six are difficult to grasp. These primarily psychological weapons are best used by experts.


The number seven reason to bet is: It’s better to bet than to check and call. This is usually an important reason to bet only if (1) your opponent isn’t a heavy bluffer (which would give you an advantage to check and call), (2) you’re fairly certain your opponent will call with a weak hand, and (3) your opponent will bet into you, forcing you to call, if he has you beat. If these conditions prevail, checking a fairly strong hand is terrible.



Winning Texas Hold’em Strategies for Dominoqq

Although there is certainly a luck element associated with Poker, Poker is still largely a game of probability, and its most popular derivative, Texas Hold’em, is no exception to this rule. Many players of this game fail to maximize their gains and winning percentages, by failing to adhere to some extremely basic principles. By following these basic strategies, you will be able to enhance your ability to succeed in Texas Hold’em:


Fold on Poor Starting Hands – This is such an important rule. If you do not have a decent pocket hand (first two cards dealt to you), then always fold. A propensity to play bet and play on after receiving a poor pocket hand, is certainly a recipe for disaster, and a way to lose your money.

Typically, you should only be playing the top 25 (or so) of the top hands. These top hands are: A-A, K-K, A-K suited, Q-Q, A-K unsuited, A-Q suited, J-J, 10-10, A-Q unsuited, A-J suited, 9-9, K-Q suited, 8-8, A-10 suited, A-J unsuited, K-J suited, Q-J suited, A-8 suited, K-10 suited, A-9 suited, J-10 suited, Q-10 suited, K-Q unsuited, 10-9 suited, and A-10 unsuited.


Flop must be Worthy – The flop (next 3 cards) must be beneficial to your hand. If it is, then play on based on how strong your hand is; if not, then fold if another player bets.


Drawing Hand must be established by the Flop – If you are playing a drawing hand (e.g., a straight or a flush), then make sure that you have at least four of the five cards needed by the Flop, or you should fold, unless you have an alternatively strong hand.


Moving beyond the Flop with a non-drawing Hand – If you are not on a drawing hand by the Flop, you should only continue beyond the Flop, if you have a high-ranking pair with a big kicker, or a poker pair that is of higher rank than any card showing on the Flop (this is known as an “overpair” to the Flop). Additionally, if the Flop contains three cards of a particular suit (and you do not hold any pocket cards with that suit) or if the Flop contains three consecutive ranking cards (that do not fit in with your potential for a straight), that is also a good time to fold, as the odds of one of your competing players getting a flush or straight exists.


Estimate Potential Damage – After the Flop, estimate what the highest possible hand an opponent may have, and what the likelihood of your opponent getting such a hand might be. Use this as a gauge when deciding to play on or fold.


Press Hard with Great Hand – When you know that you have a great hand (and possibly have the best hand), push your opponents to the limit (in No Limit Hold’em this might mean going All In). In this scenario, press your opponents hard, and do not drag the game out, letting your opponents get extra cards, which could allow them to come back in the game.


Fold When your are Losing – Always fold your hand when you know you are beaten, and do not hang around in the game, betting frivolously. The premise here is to always minimize your losses. Never call a bet, just to verify what cards your opponent had in a hand. The possible exception might be in No Limit Hold’em, when there is certainly a larger degree of bluffing that occurs. In this scenario, make sure that you do not throw away a decent hand superfluously, especially if you are familiar with the bluffing tendencies of some of your opponents.


Be Cognizant of your Seating Position – Always take your seating position into account when you are deciding to play on or fold in a given hand. As an example, if you had a pair of pocket 2’s in the first position of the table, that would be an excellent reason to fold, pre-flop. However, if you had the same pair of 2’s in the last position or in the Small Blind, and no other player raised prior to you (pre-flop), if there are a good number of players in the pot ahead of you, you may want to continue on with a pair of 2’s, and see how the Flop looks, due to pot odds.


Pot Odds need to be greater than Actual Odds – You need to be able to discern between these two types of odds. “Actual Odds”, as the name implies, are the precise mathematical chance of an event occurring. “Pot odds”, on the other hand, is the ratio of money in the pot in relation to the amount that are being asked to bet, in relationship to the actual odds of an event occurring which would give you that pot. The relationship between the two, is most easily explained, via an example. Let’s assume that your pocket hand is (8, 9), and the flop is (J, Q, 8) – in other words, you need a 10 to complete a straight. The odds of you getting that “10″ on either the Turn or the River, is approximately 5-to-1. Depending on the amount of money in the pot, in a scenario where you and only one other player are remaining, the pot odds of you winning would be 1-to-1, which is clearly inferior to your actual odds – in this scenario, you should fold. However, in the same cards scenario, if there are 7 players remaining in the hand, your pot odds would be approximately 6-to-1, which are better than your actual odds — hence, in this case, you should remain in the game and play on. In this latter case, your pot odds exceeded your actual odds, so it would behoove you to remain in the game.


Douglas Hayman, President of Expert Dominoqq Software Systems, is a poker expert, who has developed several entertaining and information poker websites, which include:


Poker Sites – A massive poker informational website that contains a diversity of poker information, including detailed poker rules, hand rankings, free Poker calculators, poker bluffing strategies, power poker tips, a live poker news feed, and many other outstanding features.


Review of Best Poker Sites – An unbiased review of today’s most entertaining, credible, and most established online Poker websites.





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Bandarq Bonus Codes



Each website gambling, and every Bandarq site, offers a kind of bonus, and many times, more than one type. There are poker bonuses, which are geared towards new players, or at least that of new player’s poker specific site. Most of poker, you will find the rewards offered, however, for all stakeholders. Each site of the bonus offer was a little different. Just like any other gimmick, the sites are in competition to get and keep a customer you, so their bonus programs are competitive as well, and it would be worthwhile to look around and do a little comparison.


Sometimes poker bonuses come in the form of free money to play with you in a real game of poker. This is the kind of gift of a new player could receive on his first time to play. Another type of bonus program poker, which is the most common, requires the reader to make a deposit of money, and then to play as many hands before being eligible for that amount, plus a certain percentage of this amount . They usually require a minimum deposit in cash. A player will discover that some sites offer Poker bonuses that provide 200% of the amount of deposit. Sometimes, there will be another bonus offered or if you play more games at the top of the required number of games to get the first premium. Sometimes you become eligible for the premium to receive a certain amount of point’s player.


Poker premiums are particularly beneficial for frequent and / or dedicated players. They were created to assist readers to aid and earn money, and in the maintenance of cash to continue to play with. Premiums made for the first time, players are also there to help them by giving them something to start with, and build on something.


So, you have decided to play some poker on the Internet. I am sure you know there are a lot of first deposit bonuses to turn at different poker rooms online. Poker has several bonus codes poker attractive offers that are sure to draw you in.


What is the catch?


You usually play a few hundred hands to get your bonus. This goes for all sites poker. The bonus codes to be used to get that money, you must play hundreds of hands, in order to receive the bonus. Over the premium, plus the amount of hands. These poker rooms are really risking anything by giving you a bonus because the only way you get the bonus is playing enough hands to generate an amount equal to or higher profit for the poker room. Some poker rooms take the bonus money from the affiliate to verify that you have created the site. It is a win-win situation for poker sites.


What are raked hands?


Hands are out of the hands of poker in which the play takes a small portion of the pot. Some poker rooms does rakes in some dimensions of pots. Other pokers rooms can rely see the flop as a raked hand, the turn as a tilt, and the river as a raked hand. Not all the hands. Keep in mind that plays a few hundred hands with only $ 50 can be difficult, especially if you are getting bad cards.…

4 Tips To Improve Your Online Casino Extra Poker Game



Online Poker has increased in popularity exponentially over the past few years. More and more people are jumping into the poker game and some are making good money playing poker online. You too can win and be the next Texas Hold ‘Em champion. There are a few tips that can help anyone play better poker, and win more money.


  1. Don’t play too many hands! Some poker players dive in and have 4 hands going at once. Not only does this make it more difficult to focus on each opponent at several tables, but it also causes many to lose money a lot faster. Generally stick with one hand in the beginning and move up slowly. Once you are proficient enough, two hands is a good idea because it can help you win more money. Focus on higher value hands in the beginning to maximize earnings.


  1. Watch your opponents. The best poker players are the most alert to their opponents. Watch your opponents betting habits. If they are someone who likes to bluff, you won’t be tempted to fold when they place a high bet. However, some players only bet high when they have a strong hand. If you recognize this, you know to fold and save your money. Poker is a constant learning process. The more you know about your opponents, the easier it will be for you top predict what kind of hand they have, and you can play accordingly. Some of the best time to study your opponents is when you arte not in the hand. If you folded early, take the time to study your opponents.


  1. Use betting to gain information about your opponents. Betting is a very useful tool when used correctly. Some bet high to see if opponents will stay in. Re-raises also accomplish this same end. “Checking” is also a good technique. If you check, and your opponent bets, he or she may have a better hand than you. At the same time, if you notice your opponent checking, you might think that he or she has a bad hand.


  1. Bluff sparingly and be unpredictable. The best poker players use the bluffing technique very sparingly. Some players simply bluff without any thought to the consequences. The worst thing a player can do is establish himself or herself as a bluffer. It is best to bluff when you know, or have a credible supposition that your bluff won’t be challenged by anyone. In this same sense, it is a good idea to be unpredictable. Any player that gets into habits will undoubtedly have difficulty making money.


Online Casino Extra Poker can be fun and profitable for anyone. However, if you follow these few tips, it might be more profitable for you than others. Poker is an ongoing process. You can always improve, so never hesitate to read a book on poker and increase your knowledge and skill. Poker is a game of perception and awareness. The best players not only understand the game of poker, but they understand all of their opponents and know techniques.



ALL IN Magazine – The New Kid On The Block for Free Sports Picks

For nearly two decades, CardPlayer Magazine has been the bible of the poker world. Many have tried to knock the king from his mountain, and many have failed in this endeavor. There have been several new magazines that have hit the stands lately, but ALL IN Magazine looks like a serious contender.

Currently a bi-monthly publication, ALL IN Magazine’s January/February issue is currently in your local bookstore at $4.99 US. Subscription rates are more than reasonably priced; a six-issue subscription (one year) is $17.95 and two years runs at $27.95. With CardPlayer Magazine’s yearly rate running at $39.95 US ($79.95 Canadian and $99.95 International), many people may find this to be more palatable.

One of the things that may make ALL IN Magazine a winner is their ownership. Media conglomerate Time Warner owns the magazine, so they will definitely have the financial backing to weather any potential storms that may arise. It looks as well that they have the support of the major organizations (ESPN, the World Poker Tour and Harrah’s) to provide content and material for publication.

The magazine itself is very professional looking for Free Sports Picks. It has a great look, all color photography and its contributing writers include Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, Phil Gordon and Howard Lederer. With all of these things going for it, however, there are some items that may keep it away from the serious players.

While the players have contributed some great articles and observations, there seems to be a lack of current and upcoming tournament information. Likewise, there is no reporting of recently completed tournaments, due more than likely to the bi-monthly format of the magazine. The most recent (and thorough) tournament recap was of Annie Duke’s victory at the World Series of Poker’s Tournament of Champions, which happened over six months ago. There is an article on the Borgota in Atlantic City, with stunning photography and a report of the games played there. Finally, and for some inexplicable reason, there is a five page photo spread of WPT Hostess Shana Hiatt. Don’t get me wrong; Shana Hiatt is a very attractive woman and the photos are tasteful and well-done. But for a publication that is billing itself as “The World’s Leading Poker Magazine,” it seems to be a little out of place. I think of Casino Player Magazine (which has featured spreads of the Coors Light Twins and the Borgota Girls) when I see something like this.

It seems that ALL IN Magazine right now falls somewhere in between CardPlayer Magazine and Casino Player. While it does show some potential, ALL IN also has the aforementioned drawbacks that might keep it from being considered a true poker publication. It remains to be seen what direction the staff will take it in.

Other information about Victor Chandler Poker by Rubah4d


According to the UK’s fastest growing poker website, Victor Chandler Rubah4d, it’s no longer just a man’s game. One in six new players joining Victor Chandler Poker is female – up from virtually zero just 2 years ago. The typical female player tends to be between 24 and 25, internet savvy, shops online and has a professional business career.

There are 5 main reasons why women are taking up online poker with Rubah4d:

Poker is gaining a lot of media attention. TV games shows, high-profile tournaments and the traditional portrayal of poker in film and TV gives the game a glamorous, exciting image.

More and more women are playing the game professionally. The success of women players listed on the Women’s Poker Hall of Fame has created some powerful role models.

The web creates a safe environment. Logging on to a poker website is nowhere near as intimidating as walking into a male-dominated casino. Good online poker rooms are moderated, mostly by women.

Online poker caters for the novice Rubah4d player in a way that was not possible before the web. First, the anonymity means no-one has to worry about looking stupid. Second, there are extensive tips, articles and tutorials online that rapidly educate the novice player.

Games can be played just for fun or for small stakes. One fear is getting into a game where the stakes are continually rising. But fixed cost games mean that if women want to bet, they know exactly how much they stand to win or lose.

William Hill Poker Review

William Hill Online Poker launched in January 2003 and since then it has been receiving rave reviews from UK players.

As you would expect from the UK’s leading name in online gambling, this is a top quality poker room. The graphics and gameplay are Rubah4d fantastic and the promotions cannot be matched for UK poker players.

William Hill Poker are so confident you’ll love their new poker room that they are paying all new players £5 an hour (up to £25 max) just to try it out. With an offer like that, you’d be mad not to try them out .

List Of Benefits That A Gambler Can Get If They Make The Right Use Of A Promo Code!


Sports betting can get us the opportunity to win a lot of money. We don’t have to learn anything to be able to make bets. We just need to have some information about the game and the players that are playing the game. With the help of such things, it will be a piece of cake to make a lot of money in some minutes.

So if a promo code can give a level up to the chances of winning the money, then why not invest in one? We can get many codes like the My bookie promo code and get the following benefits,

We can get more opportunities: With codes, we can get better opportunities to place bets. The opportunities will come in the form of variety that we get in the bets and sports on the online platforms. It can be any sport, and it depends on the gambler and the type of sport they like. This way, they get better variants to choose from, and then they can make the decision.

They can minimize the risk: With promo codes, we don’t have to pay as much as money that we relatively do generally. This way, if we are spending little money, then the risk goes down on its own. Such things are the best for a gambler, and that is all they need too. With better confidence, a person can use their mind better, and they won’t have to make wrong decisions in a rush.

Way of playing more rounds: With promo codes, we will use less money, so if we want to place more bets, we can do that easily too. More rounds mean more money too. Why would someone want to play just one round when they can place bets more than one time, and it will give them the surprise of earning more money.

Higher the stakes: If someone came up to the website with a mindset that they have to use the specific amount of money and stay in budget, they would be able to do that. They can choose the stake that is more than their budget and still stay in the budget with promo codes like the My bookie promo code.

At last, isn’t it better to have something that gives a such number of benefits without doing anything too? It sure is, so go on and get a promo code now and get on with the betting shenanigans.…

Take Residence Courses On Casino Le Roi Johnny Casino


Betfair Casino is just one of the most effective wagering exchanges globally that use total safety and security for texas hold’em gamers. For gamers that wish to have the finest possibility of winning at the online casino, it is required to find out just how to play texas hold’em. This video game appears to daunt numerous gamers, yet it is, in fact, fairly simple to play. It has among the most effective chances of winning any video game in the online casino. You bet with various other gamers, and also the purpose is to have the finest casino hand. They can play sports video games, table video games, and also card video games. Online casinos have usually discovered that using even more beneficial ports settles for them in the short-term and long-term. We have obtained lots of info on the PKR Online casino, including our PKR Online casino perk and info on just how to download and install PKR Online casino. Some online casino rewards qualify you to make use of the perk when playing specific video games on the website.

Make certain you fit when you play so you can concentrate, and also detect techniques various other gamers utilize. Gamers need to understand exactly how to play as most of these video games as feasible. However, they must take extraordinary like discover exactly how to play every one of the online casino card video games Le Roi Johnny Casino. This type of appeal is, of training course, being taken pleasure in by on the internet casino gaming fanatics due to its tempting means to play online plus the possibility to make large dollars in one of the most practical of means. You can look for an online casino internet site evaluation that can provide info concerning the reliability of the internet gaming sites. Counting the cards will not constantly aid, yet it can turn the chances in a gamer’s support in the ideal circumstance. Blackjack supplies gamers much better chances of winning than any kind of various other video game versus your home in the online casino. Several card video games in the online casino deal with gamers their finest probabilities of winning.

The winning online casino gamers will commit the mass of their time at the online casino to play the video games. They have the most effective opportunity for success. It is not extremely simple to pick the very best online casino site from the sea of online gambling establishments since many of them flaunt to provide the top quality video gaming experience in addition to great pay; however, barely the online casinos depend on their terms. These video games do not use gamers as excellent an opportunity of winning as smarter alternatives like baccarat and blackjack do. These video games can be an enjoyable diversion; however, significant online casino gamers should not lose way too much time with them. Gamers attempt to obtain as near 21 as possible without looking at and need to defeat the dealership’s rating to win. The video game is simple to comprehend and a great deal enjoyable, which aids to discuss its appeal.




The Essential Of Effective Casino poker88


There are numerous threats of casino online wagering for individuals that are brand-new in wagering online. There are lots of net websites supplied that each instructions casino poker complimentary supply. Also, greater is that the tested truth that the majority of on the internet casinos allow gamers brand-new possibilities to play casino poker for actual money while not threatening. Because of these benefits, programs have a couple of power outage days; you can take pleasure and gain incentives also on significant vacations. You’ll also certify for online occasions similar to the Globe Collection of Casino Poker (WSOP) throughout this strategy with no threat. Well, there’s a website referred to as Casinator that you merely should consider going to, as an outcome of this internet website is considered the leading stylishly online devices that help people discover to play casino poker.

Virtually every online casino with a good name provides free cash to brand-new gamers as an outcome of they’ll pay for to attempt and also do poker88 for that reason and also given that the competitors are tough in between the different online casinos, which suggests that they obtained to if the anticipate prospering. 45x betting demand before money benefits used. There is not one land-based casino on the planet that provides clients complimentary cash and it’s also adequate cash for competent casino poker gamers to determine off of. Likewise, when ladies have their woman’s evening out, it is never to obtain with each other and play casino poker at a casino poker table for hrs at a time … Up until now, you require to be asking yourself, what’s the most basic strategy and also easiest means to discover to play Online Casino poker.

Casino poker might be a video game that requires a truly worried to master. And not so remarkably, it is common throughout a lot of casinos that use individuals the opportunity to video game anonymously. With that said, UIEGA exceptions in position, 30 states presently supply lawful on-line equine race wagering. The essential to finding out the means to play winning casino poker is recognizing the connection between good luck and skill. If you have constantly desired to locate out to play casino poker, nevertheless never think of finding out to play the video game online. Nevertheless, if you would figure out the means to play to win, you’re preparing to reach take your time to surf or see some guide DVDs or video clips. You ought to completely research study before relying on anybody with your cash and also look for one of the most trustworthy firm feasible.