This Week in High Stakes! – 12/7/09 – 12/13/09

The huge pots keep on coming with Isildur1 still playing poker’s elite in the action-packed game of Pot Limit Omaha. This week we see Ziigmund, Brian Townsend, and Brian Hastings take a shot at the anonymous Swede. All of this week’s hands were played at Full Tilt Poker’s $500/$1000 PL Omaha tables.

In this week’s biggest hand, Ziigmund was on the button with AhKhKc8s while Isildur1 held a strong AcAdJc6c. Ziigmund raised to $3,000, Isildur1 three-bet to $9,000, Ziigmund four-bet to $27,000, Isildur1 reraised to $81,000, and Ziigmund flatted. The 2cThQc flop hit the Swede hard giving him an overpair with the nut-flush draw. Isildur1 bet $125,000 with his strong hand and Ziigmund shoved the rest of his $312,999.50 stack with his weaker overpair. Isildur1 called and Ziigmund saw the bad news. The 5c sealed Ziigmund’s fate and Isildur1 took the $787,999 pot.

In the week’s next largest hand, Isildur1 raised on the button to $3,000 with KcJc8h6h and Brian Townsend three-bet to $9,000 with AhAsJs5c. Isildur popped Townsend with a raise to $27,000 but Townsend came right over the top with a raise to $81,000 which Isildur1 flatted. The 9d6d5h gave Isildur1 middle-pair with a gutshot, but Townsend remained in the lead with an overpair of aces. Looking to trap Isildur1, Townsend checked. The aggressive Isildur1 bet $125,000 into the $162,000 pot. As planned, Townsend reraised to $493,488 looking to put the rest of Isildur1’s $172,999 stack all-in. Isildur1 called and the pot became an enormous $757,998. The 2h on the turn gave Isildur1 some hope with a flush draw. Unfortunately for the Swede, the Qs did not complete his flush and Townsend took the gigantic pot.

In another hand between the two crypto gambling stars, Townsend raised to $3,000 with 8c7d3d3c. Isildur reraised to $9,000 with AdAcJs5c which Townsend called. Townsend was destined to lose his $350,954 stack on the 3hAh8s flop which gave both players sets; Isildur1 with the bigger of the two. Isildur1 bet $18,000 and Townsend surprisingly flat-called. The Qs was a blank and Isildur1 bet the pot ($54,000) again. This time Townsend reraised to $216,000 which prompted Isildur1 to go over the top and put Townsend’s $116,954 stack all-in. Townsend called and saw that he was drawing to one out. Unfortunately, the 3s did not come out on the river and Isildur1 took a $719,908 pot and added it to his stack.

In this week’s final pot, Isildur1 squared off against Brian Hastings. Isildur1 raised on the button with AdJhTs5c and Hastings three-bet with a strong 7d6s4c3c. Isildur1 called and saw the 4dJc5s give him top two-pair. The same flop gave Hastings a huge straight draw to which he bet $13,000 into the $18,000 pot. Isildur1 raised to $48,000 and Hastings called. The Th on the turn gave Isildur a bigger two-pair. Hastings proceeded with his aggression and bet the pot ($114,000). Isildur1 raised all-in to put his $284,497 stack at risk. Hastings called with his huge draw and hoped to hit on the river. Hastings rejoiced as he saw the 7s complete his straight on the river and Isildur1 lost a $682,995 pot.

Next week is sure to be huge again as Isildur1 continues to take on poker’s best and richest players!