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Bubbles Translations the ideal choice to transform your voice-overs for your target market, instantly making your audio-visual marketing tools appealing to international clients.


You can extend your range of potential customers using any of the following of Bubble Translations’s voice-over services:


Audio recordings of leaflets

Telephone message scripts

Training/corporate videos

Product demonstration videos

Talking books

Information announcements

General promotional material

Our experts work together to ensure firstly that your script is expertly translated and proof-read. Then, from our database of native speakers, we match your exact voice requirements according to age, gender and specialist area. We can even arrange the hire of a studio if necessary, or simply work with any existing studio. We can also provide computerised recording of your voice-over on WAV or MP3 files.


We will be happy to discuss your exact requirements with you, and even devise a complete strategy to copywrite and translate your script and supply the final voice-over.


Typesetting / DTP


At Bubbles Translation we are industry leaders for typesetting and desktop publishing foreign languages and produce many thousands of pages in over fifty languages every year.


Our vast experience and track record includes managing projects as varied as typesetting series of Arabic and Japanese business cards for major finance houses, desktop publishing series of technical manuals in 30 languages for both print and downloading as PDF files from a website, and typesetting and printing government information leaflets in many ethnic languages.


Adaptability is the keyword – we provide our Translation Services UK typesetting and desktop publishing services as a stand alone service, often to the industry, or as part of our one-stop-shop solution on complete translation or website projects.


With design houses, advertising agencies and other translation companies commissioning over half of our studio output, we are used to satisfying the most exacting of clients.


We provide our work in all languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai and Urdu. We always ensure that typography and layout are consistent in every language, matching fonts, point size and the general appearance of the copy so that the published version has the same look and feel as the original.


For right to left reading languages such as Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Urdu we re-paginate the document where necessary and flip the layout to cater for the right to left reading language again to ensure the end user is looking at the design just as the designer intended.


Our fantastic accuracy and customer satisfaction, combined with over 16 years of experience and resources, make us the ideal providers of all your typesetting and DTP needs, whatever the language.